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Starting to regret it? The 9 times compensation is quietly changed to 3 times, can Kuaishou still be able to handle it?


Due to the vigorous development of e-commerce, the live delivery method has now become a popular shopping method. A large number of celebrities and Internet celebrities have begun to form teams to increase the live broadcast industry and build a bridge between consumers and businesses to solve the balance between supply and demand. However, a recent media article pointed out that the incomplete development mechanism of the industry has allowed many people to take advantage of the loopholes. According to legal provisions, online celebrities who live with fakes may be sentenced to 10 years.

This is reminiscent of the Kuaishou anchor who overturned another car with goods some time ago. According to the feedback from fans, the mobile phone they bought in the live broadcast room of a certain Kuaishou broadcaster may be a fake. The declared storage and memory are too far from the actual application, and the hardware configuration is also severely shrunk, and even the network access permission is arrogant. Soon, the Kuaishou platform came out to investigate the results, and users who bought this phone will receive 9 times the compensation, which allowed the incident to calm down.
I thought that this matter would come to an end at this point, but I didn’t expect that there were new developments recently. It turned out that there was not only one mobile phone that had a problem in the live broadcast room of the anchor. Now users of other mobile phones have also begun to demand compensation from the platform. If the principle of non-discrimination is followed, Kuaishou will also make a false one-for-nine decision for this. It means that the potential loss of Kuaishou will be as high as billions.
But what is surprising is that users who have purchased other mobile phones have encountered trouble when seeking compensation. According to media reports,

In the process of users seeking 9 times compensation, Kuaishou customer service said that they had not been notified by the platform that other mobile phones had to pay 9 times. As for the content of the follow-up compensation, the customer service only said to give feedback to the user, but the user was asked to fill in the content of the compensation for 3 times. Seeing the response given by Kuaishou, the first reaction of most people must be that Kuaishou began to regret it. Obviously it is the same live broadcast room and sold in the same period of time. Why does one of the mobile phones that have been determined to be fake can get 9 times the compensation, while the other phones have been unable to determine whether it is a fake or not? If it’s not a fake product, why should Kuaishou give the user a fake one and lose three? Especially when talking about feedback, but there is no feedback result, such an approach is really too perfunctory, this is not an attitude to solve the problem. To be honest, the 9 times compensation was the original promise of Kuaishou, but now the 9 times compensation has quietly shrunk to 3 times. We have to ask why? Some netizens speculated that the original 9 times compensation was to calm the development of the situation. If the compensation were all 9 times, the loss of Kuaishou would be too great. Another voice pointed out that Kuaishou has no way to compensate now. The previous Simba incident is still vivid. If you pay 9 times the compensation at this moment, it will cause irreparable loss to the business reputation of Kuaishou. But having said that, the 9 times compensation that Kuaishou himself said has quietly become 3 times. There is another question that makes people very curious, and that is, in the face of subsequent compensation, can Kuaishou still be able to handle it? You know, if you calculate according to the original sales, nearly half of the shipments will cause Kuaishou to lose more than 4 billion. And the head anchors made mistakes one after another, and even the credibility that Kuaishou e-commerce had just accumulated collapsed. Now Kuaishou is in a dilemma. Perhaps seeing the current situation, Kuaishou will regret the original decision, which is really a big talk. When expressing the attitude of correcting mistakes, I only wanted to reduce the heat of the incident, and hurriedly said too much, so that now I can only use “delaying tactics.” But on the other hand, as a manager, if even the anchor of his own platform is not well managed, and he even wants to go back in the face of the original promise, this is not a devastating blow to the business reputation of Kuaishou. So, in your opinion, can these consumers get 9 times compensation in the end?