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Originally, 151 people cheated in a test center. If you don’t plug the loopholes, it will make you a joke


151 people cheated and many university teachers were detained!Jiangxi reports on cheating incidents in college entrance examinations

Text | Xu Yuan Today, Jiangxi reported the results of the investigation into cheating incidents in relevant test centers for the 2021 college promotion exam. After investigation, there were serious cheating in the test centers of Nanchang Institute of Technology and Jiangxi Institute of Technology. The invigilators at the two test centers secretly photographed the test questions with their mobile phones and sent them to the relevant institutions, and the institutions then fed back the answers to the candidates. Among them, 151 candidates cheated in the test center of Jiangxi Institute of Technology. At present, many university teachers have been detained. According to a report from the Jiangxi Education Department, the entire cheating process can be described as bold and frantic. The invigilator secretly took photos of the questions in the examination room and sent them to the relevant educational consulting agencies. In the test center of Jiangxi Institute of Technology, the invigilator even sent the answers. In order to allow candidates to receive the answers smoothly, the educational institution arranged for a sophomore to write the answer on the door of the toilet. Under the connivance of the invigilator, the examinee tacitly walked out of the examination room and copied the answers on the grounds of going to the toilet. There were as many as 151 participants, and the number was shocking. The “Criminal Law” stipulates that in the national examinations prescribed by the law, anyone who organizes cheating shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention, concurrently or solely with a fine; if the circumstances are serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years and a fine . It can be seen that the law’s punishment for organizing cheaters is not light. But even so, cheating incidents continue to emerge in an endless stream, and it seems to be the hardest hit area for fraud cases. Facts have proved that the sentencing of the law is not sufficient to restrain offenders’ impulse to commit crimes. Students’ high training fees and huge profits are enough to make them take risks. In order to “improve” the results of the junior college, the school often closes one eye and turns the other open and deliberately releases water on the discipline of the examination room. Therefore, the college entrance examination, which is the second college entrance examination for students, is reduced to a diploma transaction under the manipulation of these fraudsters. Candidates who cheat can easily win admission tickets to the undergraduate course, while those who do not follow the crooked ways and rely on their own hard work and strength to take the exam are eliminated. It’s time to clean up this muddy water. Although the college entrance examination is not as rigorous as other national examinations, since it is a selective examination, fairness is its most basic consideration. It cannot give cheaters room for loopholes, create a sense of deprivation for other candidates, and make people question the national examination. Credibility and the majesty of the law. Taking the two fraud cases in Jiangxi as an example, although the participants showed their magical powers, the invigilators were inseparable from the core links. If the invigilator does not secretly take photos of the answers in the examination room and send them to the joint organization, the difficulty of the entire cheating operation will suddenly increase. And to prevent the invigilator from guarding and stealing, it is not impossible. According to common sense, invigilators are all university teachers and have a career structure. It is hard to imagine that they break the law and break their jobs for petty gains once or twice. Being able to embarrass with outside institutions, most of them have deep or long-term bondage of interests. In order to cut off this kind of interest connection, can I choose to cross invigilate the exam in a different place to make it more difficult for the invigilator to buy through? Of course, the invigilator can blatantly commit crimes without the assistance of the overall environment. At the test center of Jiangxi Institute of Engineering, the answers of 151 students were consistent with the answers of the toilet door panels, indicating that these 151 people had been in and out of the test room during the test. The chaos has reached this point, and it is temporarily unclear whether this is the test room or the vegetable market. Even if the invigilator turned a blind eye, didn’t the other patrol teachers in the examination room arouse alertness? Apart from student reporting, are there no other channels and methods for discovery?

Both the test center and the administrative department are paralyzed and lack sufficient vigilance. If, like the college entrance examination, a solid barrier is erected around the examination room, invigilators and students are not allowed to bring mobile phones into the room, all signals will be shielded, or, as in some places, the “dual proctoring mode” of examination proctoring and video proctoring is adopted. No matter how good a cheating institution is, it’s hard to know the questions of the exam. Even if someone vents the question in advance, the answer cannot be sent to the examinee. Of course, this will increase the cost of the organization and require a lot of effort, but for the fairness and credibility of the exam, isn’t it worth trying it? Even if it cannot be aligned with the input of the college entrance examination, the relevant departments must find ways to plug the loopholes, instead of letting the fraud case go round and round, and let the college entrance examination, which bears no expectation of rising mathematics, become a joke in the eyes of the public.

If the fraud trend is not curbed, fraud will gradually become a normal behavior, and more and more students will lose awe of the rules and want to gain benefits through the sidelines. Facts have proved that some training institutions organized cheating. After being pushed to the cusp of public opinion, they were not ashamed, but rather proud. “Leaking questions” became a big marketing gimmick, which was surrounded by a large number of students. The food is so ugly, how can the competent department take it lightly. For some training institutions that have “contracted” and “100% promised”, they need to be vigilant and strictly supervised, so that they dare not act recklessly.

In this case, a training institution involved in the case, without the qualifications to run a school, was able to play fraudulent games and became a trader of 151 major fraud cases. This is suspicious of the daily supervision of the local education authority. Is it in place. Participants have now accepted legal punishment, but how to prevent them from making a comeback, and at the same time let other training institutions try to follow suit, not dare to touch the red line, and tortured the wisdom of the local management department.

Regardless of the nature of the exam, fraud must be severely punished and never relented. However, legal punishment alone is not enough to restrain the daring of those who are inspired by benefits. Without prior supervision and strict control of all aspects of the examination, it is difficult to stop this unhealthy trend. What ultimately jeopardizes the gold content of the college upgrade examination and hurts. It is the efforts of most candidates to change their destiny.