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Originally go to the hospital to give birth, how many people are suitable for “accompanying childbirth”?The number recommended by the doctor is not too much


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With the increase of the gestational age, the parturient also ushered in their own delivery moment, and in When you give birth, you usually have a partner . Under normal circumstances, the accompany is the father-to-be, and several members of the whole family will be sent out together.

But few people seem to have thought about: How many people are the most suitable for the mother to give birth to the child?

The mother gave birth, and there was a dispute due to several people accompanying the childbirth

Lingling is due to give birth in one week. In the last few days, the elderly in the family have had conflicts. The cause is that her parents-in-law and parents are coming to accompany the delivery, but Lingling feels that she is going to the hospital to have a baby. It is enough to have a husband with you. There are too many people and you are too restrictive, and it is not convenient to take care of yourself.

Moreover, there are not so many places to rest in the ward of the hospital, so Lingling is approaching the due date, and she is still worried about how many people are going to accompany her.

How many people are the best to accompany the mother when she goes to the hospital to have a baby?

The doctor recommends: Under normal circumstances, when a mother goes to the hospital to give birth, at least two people are required to accompany the child. If conditions permit, three people are the best.

Husband: Responsible for running errands

When giving birth, mothers need to go out to run errands, such as hospitalization procedures and signing, and after giving birth, mothers also need to buy some things that are needed, such as incomplete preparations for delivery packages.

For these jobs that require “running up and down”, it is best to find a young and strong person. Naturally, the prospective father is the best candidate.

Mother: Responsible for taking care of the mother

After childbirth, the mother’s body is very weak, and after childbirth, if you want to drink water, feed, go to the toilet, clean your body, etc., a family member must be responsible for it, and what you know and care about most about the mother is nothing more than that. It is also the best choice for mothers to take care of mothers.

Mother-in-law: Take care of the baby

After the mother has given birth, she must have a special person to take care of the baby. Generally, the mother-in-law will become the person who takes care of the baby. A lot smoother.

Going to the hospital to accompany the delivery, too many or too few people are not good

To go to the hospital to accompany the delivery, there are at least two people, but two people are not recommended. The task of caring for the pregnant woman will be heavier. In many cases, the task of caring for the pregnant woman and the child is combined.

Although this saves manpower, it is better not to do so when conditions permit, because this is not only a heavy task, but it is also prone to neglect one person due to taking care of one person, and it is often the mother who is neglected.

After the mother gave birth, Very sensitive mentally and physically , May suffer from postpartum depression because of not receiving care and care, which is also detrimental to the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Of course, it’s not very good for a mother to go to the hospital to give birth. The so-called “many people with mixed hands” affects the rest of the parturient and is also prone to errors.

In addition, mothers need to clean their bodies after giving birth, and it is not suitable for too many people to be present, otherwise it will be very embarrassing. Therefore, other family members can come and see the baby, but do not have to stay too much.

The number of paternity will also be allocated according to the selected hospital

It is worth noting that it is better to go to a hospital to give birth to a few family members, which is also related to the hospital you choose. If the mother is going to a private hospital, there is no need to accompany her family too much, even one is enough.

Private hospitals are more comprehensive and complete in terms of equipment and care, and one family member is enough. In the care of the baby after delivery, private hospitals will also provide a very comprehensive care, so there are not so many people accompanying the family;

And if Maternity chooses ordinary public hospitals, everything needs to be “hands-on”, so it is best to need at least 2 people to take care of , This can take good care of both the mother and the baby.

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