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Originally the only island in the northern hemisphere where penguins live, it is called the “Live Museum of Biological Evolution”


Island landscape

Many people know that China’s coastline is very long and has many island resources. In addition to some large-scale and tourism-influenced islands, there are also many other aspects of the distribution of island resources, and this can also show that its island resources are very prominent. In the world, many countries also have abundant island resources. Some islands have different shapes, distinctive features, rich cultural connotations and rich landscapes. The resulting culture is very rich, which also promotes the development of their islands. Will become bigger, and this part of the resources can also be seen to a certain extent that the island resources are very representative, and the cultural charm generated by this is relatively large. The editor will introduce a few See the island resources, especially some animal resources inside the island.

Colon Islands

This island is located off Ecuador in the eastern part of the Central Pacific Ocean. It is composed of 13 small islands and 19 rocks. It has a large area and a long history. The reason for its formation is also very simple. It gradually formed after a long time of accumulation. Nowadays, this island is called the “living museum of biological evolution”. This is mainly due to its unique climatic environment and geomorphic characteristics, which have prompted many creatures to settle here, and over time, it has formed a very important place in the world. Rare cultural atmosphere, so when developing its island tourism, its cultural charm is even greater.

Animal resources

The most worthwhile animal is the penguin. Many tourists will be confused. Penguins should live in the South Pole in the southern hemisphere. Why do penguins live in the northern hemisphere? In fact, this is also the power of nature. Because this is the only island in the northern hemisphere where penguins live, and there are many reasons. One of them is that it is affected by the Peruvian cold current, which makes it not a high-temperature and rainy natural environment, but suitable The penguin survived.

In addition to penguins, there are also many other types of islands in this island, such as sea lions and seals. Of course, it also contains some special species. So over time, it has formed a very unique cultural charm, which also promotes this island. The ecological environment of the city has become better. Because it is less disturbed by the outside world, many natural environments have been better preserved, which also makes tourists feel very appreciative.

Editor’s View

The island resources in the world are very rich. No matter which island resource it is, tourists need to focus on protection, strengthen and enhance the awareness of protection. Only through protection, the development of its islands can be protected to the greatest extent. Therefore, after the performance of its island development in the future, it will also be loved by many tourists. The development of tourism also needs to strengthen the protection of its islands.