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Hangzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. intends to establish a subsidiary company of 12 million yuan to enter the field of zero-carbon energy and energy storage


Hangzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. issued an announcement on the noon on June 21 that Zhejiang Hangzhou Boiler Energy Investment Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hangbuo Energy Investment”), a subsidiary of the company, intends to invest 12 million yuan with its own funds to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary Hangzhou Xiziling Carbon Energy Co., Ltd. (tentative name, hereinafter referred to as “Xizi Zero Carbon Energy”). Xizi Zero Carbon Energy plans to invest in the construction of a demonstration project for the integration of source, network and load storage in the Zero Carbon Smart Energy Center of Xizi Aviation.

It is reported that the business scope of Xizi Zero Carbon Energy includes: steam, air-conditioning, and electricity production and supply; construction, operation and service of energy storage systems and distributed photovoltaic power station systems; engineering management services; technical consultation and technology for energy storage and power engineering Development; carbon resource management, inventory, verification, trading, consulting; industrial investment (except for venture capital and those prohibited by national laws and administrative regulations).

According to the announcement, the establishment of the company marks the company’s formal entry into the field of zero-carbon energy and energy storage, and is based on the “Xizi Aviation Zero-Carbon Smart Energy Center Integrated Source, Network and Load Storage Demonstration Project” for energy storage (Molten salt energy storage , Battery energy storage, etc.) comprehensive technology verification, to build a zero-carbon energy system design, construction and operation service capabilities. After the completion of the project, it will serve as a demonstration of the energy storage market. Lay the foundation for the expansion of the energy storage market .

According to previous reports, Hangzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. intends to publicly issue convertible corporate bonds, raising no more than 1.11 billion yuan for the new energy technology manufacturing industry base (Zhejiang Xizi New Energy Co., Ltd.) Annual production of 580 sets of solar thermal solar heat absorbers, heat exchangers and heat transfer oil heat exchangers, boiler projects and supplementary working capital . On May 27, 2021, it signed the “Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement on Molten Salt Heat Absorber and Molten Salt Heat Exchanger for Tower Solar Thermal Power Generation Project” with Zhejiang Supcon Solar Technology Co., Ltd. It is based on energy storage technology and extends to other forms of energy storage technology. In addition, it and Zhejiang University jointly established the “Advanced Energy Joint R&D Center” to carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of solar thermal and energy storage power generation, carbon dioxide capture and comprehensive utilization, and solid waste treatment, aiming at the current pain points and difficulties in the new energy field , Focus on breaking through the key technology of “stuck neck”. At present, the first batch of cooperative research directions have phased research and development results, and they are advancing towards the goal of industrialization.