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Originally, this young man was impressed by Anaya again?


This generation of aboriginals on the Internet’s efficient way of obtaining information means that the information gap that existed before is gradually disappearing. Tourism is just such a thing that has been smoothed out by the information gap and has gradually evolved among young people. Few young people in this class like to “travel in groups”. The classic route that has remained unchanged for many years has long lost the hearts of young people. The current rapid iterative lifestyle, even music festivals and camping that only started “yesterday”, have been unable to satisfy their desire to play “today”.

So what kind of travel do they like “today”? This time, the answer came to Anaya.
Image source: Anaya official website

# A trip driven by blockbuster repertoire

Traveling, who you play with and what, may be more important than where you are. Anaya and its churches, as the most frequently seen “middle-class holiday resorts” in the circle of friends last year, to be honest, it is aesthetically tiring. But this year’s small holiday, Anaya, with the double blessing of the seaside and the theater festival, was once again put on the travel itinerary by many people.
On March 27th, World Theatre Day, Anaya held a press conference in Beijing and announced that it would hold the first Anaya Theatre Festival in June. Director Meng Jinghui, actor Zhang Ziyi, actor & director Chen Minghao jointly serve as the staffing of the artistic director, and is there any appeal to the “half sea, half drama” drama festival slogan? It was sold out on the first day of ticketing. It must have given the answer to this question.
Screened during the festival “Madman’s Diary”, “White Deer Plain”, “Inspector’s Visit”, “Romeo and Juliet by the Sea”, “Song of the Sad Cafe” The five blockbuster plays are undoubtedly the biggest reason for drama lovers to come here. One of the most concerned is the world premiere of “Madman’s Diary” at the Anaya Theatre Festival: adapted from Lu Xun’s novel of the same name, directed by the European theater giant Christian Lupa, with the participation of famous actors such as Wang Xuebing and Mei Ting. As the opening drama of the festival, the evaluation on the night of the premiere of “Madman’s Diary” showed a state of polarization. But regardless of whether they like the play or not, the audience has to admit that the stage tension and rhythm presented by this play are unprecedented shocking.

Image source: Meng Jinghui Studio “Romeo and Juliet by the Sea” directed by Chen Minghao focuses on “placed at dawn at 3 o’clock in the morning, the emotions of the characters will magically be at the same frequency as the sunrise on the sea” as the biggest attraction. This is undoubtedly a very unique experience for young people who are used to traveling from noon. However, according to the feedback from many live audiences, many people have miscalculated the seaside temperature in the northern summer night, and the performance of the repertoire is larger than the content, and the experience is greatly reduced. Image source: Anaya

# Get a different kind of accommodation experience in the drama house

Compared with the drama itself, the drama house has lost the obscurity and solemnity of art, and has more free and unique happy experiences. 13 guests from various artistic fields and architect Liang Chen built 13 houses named after classic dramas by the sea. In “Macbeth” by Chen Jiaying, the porch and stairs are impervious to light, and the guest rooms are also dim. You must reach the roof platform to have a glimpse of sky. The “Opinions on the Life of Two Dogs” as understood by Mars Radio is mapped to an energy The sounding house is like sound; the “Ghost Sonata” in Li Yundi’s mind is “I can’t see the keys, but you can only see my hands”… When all the abstract elements contained in the drama are embodied by the seaside cottage Formal presentation, is it the one you imagined? For Anaya drama, no answer is needed. Everything is pioneering, everything is experimental. But for the tourists who successfully registered in the App and gotten to live in the house by drawing lots. When Venus, Zhang Ziyi, Lao Lang, Mei Ting and others analyzed the classic dramas such as “Salome”, “Sunrise”, “Onegin”, and “A Streetcar Named Desire”, it became possible to touch, watch and even Living is indeed an experience worth the fare. What’s happier than this kind of accommodation experience is that in such a house, you will meet friends who have never met but who also love drama. Image source: Wilderness Meteorological Observatory Image source: Wilderness Meteorological Observatory

#Migratory Bird 300 and drama reading make travel worth remembering

The “Migratory Bird 300” project and drama reading, which were launched at the same time as the above repertoire, are a very special experience for many drama lovers. The Migratory Bird 300 Project has assembled 300 artists and performed large-scale creations on site in Anaya for 12 days. Ge Yulu, who once changed the road in Beijing’s Apple community into his own name, also appeared in it. The unique installation art and performances throughout the camp gave the audience and tourists a fantasy wandering about “creation”. Image source: Wilderness Meteorological Observatory In addition to watching, this drama festival also allows fans to “deeply participate” in it. In the special environmental drama reading unit, 14 special spaces of different shapes in Anaya were selected, allowing 10 directors to complete the script reading together with the audience, watching the performance at close range, and feeling the dramatic collision and shock. Such an experimental drama festival is full of ambitions, and it is obvious that Anaya will return to the top three destinations in the country. For theater lovers, this is a cordial reunion place. For audiences and tourists outside there, Anaya and the art it carries are once again separated from other domestic purposes. In such a feast in the name of art, what Anaya needs to do may be to focus on the actual experience beyond the spirit. After all, a performance with frequent mistakes can be buffered by other wonderful dramas, and the fact that it is impossible to get a car to go home outside the scenic area or being too crowded to produce quarrels will really make the small group of art hobbies that have the courage to travel. The readers were agitated. Overall, Anaya’s did once again conquer everyone who came to travel with something other than tourism