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Please keep this play guide of Fuxi Mountain Yunshang Ranch, now it is a new online celebrity check-in place


Recently, when I was traveling in Henan, a mother of my treasure asked me if I wanted to go to a place called “Yunshang Ranch”. She said that it was fun to watch children online. The mother of 2 children asked this question. I have been to Fuxi Mountain before, but I have never seen the pasture she said, nor did I hear of this place at the time. However, in this itinerary, it was found that this scenic spot really exists, and Wei Xing already had a little expectation in his heart. For this reason, I searched the Internet. Why didn’t I see Yunshang Ranch the last time I visited? It turned out that the ranch opened in April 2021, that is, this year, and I visited Fuxi Mountain last time. , Is July 2018. At that time, at the location of the Yunshang Ranch on Fuxi Mountain, what I saw was still a mountain forest. Unexpectedly, more than two years later, earth-shaking changes have taken place. Feeling that the years go by, everything has changed too fast. When it comes to pastures, what do you think of in your mind? Generally, there is an expanse of green grass on the vast grassland. Horses and cows are grazing. This is a scene that can only be seen in grassland plateaus such as Inner Mongolia. And the deep mountains in Henan, which are famous for their steepness, seem to be indistinguishable from the vastness of the grasslands of Inner Mongolia. The difference between this pasture in Henan is that there are two more words “on the cloud” in front, and the first feeling is “the nearest to the sky” local”. In other words, this place called Yunshang Ranch is on a large mountain. And this mountain is Fuxi Mountain. Fuxi Mountain, located in Xinmi City, Zhengzhou, is known as one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. Here, there is a natural beauty red stone forest formed by the unique red Danxia landform. On the top of the red stone forest at an altitude of nearly one thousand meters, the “Yunshang Ranch” is located here. In the Fuxi Mountain in mid-June, the weather will change if it changes. If it rains, it will fall. It is particularly cool when it rains. When the sun is out, it looks a bit tan in the pasture because there are no shelters. Therefore, friends who come to the ranch, it is recommended to do personal sun protection, and it is best to bring an umbrella to block the rain and the sun. Fuxi Mountain Yunshang Ranch is hidden on the top of a mountain with an altitude of nearly 1,000 meters. This is the first ranch on the top of the mountain in the Central Plains, covering an area of ​​more than 500 acres. If you take your children to play, it takes a day to eat and stay on the mountain. The ranch currently has seven themes open to tourists. Because the scenic spot is positioned for family trips, parent-child trips, the content is basically a children’s playground, and there are some experiences for adults and young people. The seven theme parks open inside include Fawn Forest, Candy Alley, Sky Art Museum, Sky Mirror, Simulation Big Dinosaur, Hobbit Hut, Sky Ladder, Flower Sea and other amusement facilities. There are also many small amusement projects, moms and dads. Bring the baby for a stroll, and it’s just a matter of watching the flowers for a day. Time is in a hurry. We didn’t go through all the scenic spots too carefully, but experienced a few. I felt that most of the experience items were not seen when I traveled all over the country. Someone said that these are the original works of Yunshang Ranch. What is remarkable is that these entertainment projects are more meticulous in details, and they also highlight novelty and interaction. Tickets for Yunshang Ranch are 88 yuan per person. See what you can play in it for 88 yuan and see if it’s worth it. 1. Candy Lane This is the first attraction I saw after entering the scenic spot. What is the children’s favorite candy? For many children, it is a lollipop. And Candy Lane is a lollipop street. The roadside is full of colorful lollipop cartoon statues. It looks pink and dreamy, like walking into a colorful fairy tale world. As soon as I walked in, I found that some children didn’t want to leave. I loved everything. The older children couldn’t help but take a photo with these big candies. 2. Fawn Forest We generally see sika deer in zoos, some are tall and tall, but in this fawn forest on Yunshang Ranch, the sika deer come to you in groups, not the tall and mighty big deer, but also the little fawn. , And they look like sika deer in Nara, Japan, and they are docile and cute. In this small deer forest in Yunshang Ranch, there are more than 200 sika deer. Here, we can touch them with our own hands. Well-deserved, these guys are as cute as little babies. Seeing tourists coming from a distance, some young deer rushed over from the grass to greet the guests, to see if they brought them any food. There is a grass cake on one side. 6 small cakes are bundled into a bundle. This is the fawn’s favorite. If the fawn walks into you, you can buy a pack of them for 10 yuan. Under the temptation of food, these guys can smell the delicious food you brought them from a distance, and will immediately walk to the year before you, letting you touch them. These fawns are small and look very clean. The straw cake can be broken apart and fed, or you can take a whole piece and deliver it to its mouth. There is a yellow stud earring on the deer’s ears. This is the number of each deer. I found that these fawns are not only well-behaved but also very smart. Some fawns can understand people’s commands. In front of the food, let them nod and thank you. The fawns will cooperate with you to do these actions. In addition to the cute Nara deer, we went forward and found that there were dozens of cute animals such as Angora rabbits, Boer goats, marmots, and Dutch fragrant pigs. 3. Tutu Paradise In Yunshang Ranch, there is also a little rabbit paradise. In the words of tourists, these rabbits have lawns, nests, and special caretakers. Tourists keep coming to feed them. They are really happy rabbits. There are rabbits of various colors, big and small, in the enclosed lawn. Tourists can buy Chinese cabbage carrots and other delicacies that the rabbits love to feed them, and touch these guys with their own hands. The bunny rabbits are also familiar with the tourists. When they see someone coming in, they crane their necks behind their feet to ask for vegetables to eat. They look very cute. Next to the little rabbit, there is a performance of Peppa Pig Race every day, which is also quite interesting. 4. Swan Lake The Swan Lake in Yunshang Ranch is also a paradise for people and animals. On the side of the art museum is a lake with a few black guys swimming in the water. When I saw Swan Lake, I thought it was a white swan. When I walked in, I saw a few black swans. Similarly, there is a shop selling swans for food, buy some and you can play with the guys swimming here for a long time. 5. Sky Art Museum Next to Swan Lake is the Sky Art Museum. Walk into the second floor and open the door, as if you have walked into a magical world. The art museum is built with confusing lighting, and visitors can take a beautiful photo or video with the flashing of the lights. 6. Huahai Garden All kinds of colorful flowers make up a painting, wandering around the sea of ​​flowers, it makes people feel like they are in a fairyland. There is a white piano in the sea of ​​flowers, of course it is a prop, it will not make a sound, but sitting in front of the piano to simulate playing and taking a photo, I instantly feel that I have become a dazzling star. Wouldn’t it be more artistic if you change into an artistic costume to take pictures? 7, the realm of the sky This is a must-check-in place for every visitor to Yunshang Ranch. This is actually a huge mirror. When the weather is good, people stand on it, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds. Any photo with a mobile phone can present a dreamy style. It is hot in summer and the mirror is hot for a long time. Before taking off your shoes, remind everyone to touch the temperature before standing up to prevent burns. No matter how you shoot here, it looks good. After special permission, we took a photo of our companion jumping up. Does it feel like a fairy descended to the earth? 8. The ladder to the clouds Looking at the name, I really can’t imagine how the designer designed this ladder. When I walked to the ladder, I found that the ladder was all white, with a 60° slope extending to the sky visually. As the height of the steps narrowed, it seemed very thrilling. The experiencer needs courage. The ladder is a place for young people to take beautiful photos. Many girls in Hanfu or other flowing skirts are seen walking up the ladder to take pictures. Looking up at the sky, blue sky and white clouds is indeed very beautiful. However, since there are no guardrails on either side of the ladder, it looks very dangerous. Seeing them walking up beautifully, I thought to myself, “What if they accidentally step on their skirts or stand unsteadily when they are on the ladder?” It was really sweating. Certainly, there is no greater thing than safety. Fortunately, the ladder has set up barriers within the safety range to remind visitors that they can no longer go up, but it is found that some people are still desperate, and some even climb to the top of the ladder to pose for photos. If it were you, would you dare to go to the end of the ladder in order to take a beautiful photo? Yunshang Ranch is full of natural and wild fun. This is a ranch that integrates cute pet animals and online celebrity check-in projects. It is intensively watched and divided into many small attractions. If you want to have fun one by one, the best way is to live. There is a common people’s street next to the red stone forest in the scenic spot, where you can eat and stay, and the night is very lively. [Attached “Clouds on the Ranch”]Travel guide for your reference: Address: Located at Yunshang Ranch, Red Stone Forest Scenic Spot, Fuxi Mountain, Xinmi, Henan Province Transportation: Self-driving navigation “Fuxi Mountain Red Stone Forest Scenic Spot” can be Self-driving tour: It is necessary to drive a relatively long mountain road, the driver must have experience in driving the mountain road, it is best to do your homework in advance Self-driving car: 40 kilometers away from Zhengzhou, less than an hour and a half by car Preparation before the trip: The climate on the mountain is changeable. It is best to bring something to eat and drink for the convenience of the short trip. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella to protect you from sun and rain. Tickets: 88 yuan/person.