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Sexy, revealing pants with holes on both sides, few people dare to wear them


Not saving fabric, the two-sided cut-out pants still thoroughly show off the smooth, toned waist. However, the gap is somewhat revealing, not everyone dares to choose to wear it.

Emerging from the summer of 2020, the fashion of cut-out pants on both sides has not shown any signs of cooling down yet. When wearing this style of pants, women easily show off their “100% hot” look, “so sexy that they can’t be graded”. Designs are often sewn with tight materials, jeans and do not save fabric. The two side cutouts are the highlight to help the wearer show off their smooth white skin and body curves. When mixing clothes, women often combine pants with croptops and bras to show off their physical advantages. Others boldly wear revealing underwear, promoting a hot trend of falling pants. Thanks to the ability to respect the shape, easy to coordinate, the design of two hole-punch pants is chosen by many Korean and Chinese beauties to wear. In Vietnam, fashionistas like Ngoc Trinh and Chi Pu can also sit still before the attraction of this hot pants model. Not only favored by celebrities, the two-hole cut-out pants model is also chosen by many women as street clothes. However, not every build-up has received praise. Many people are labeled a fashion disaster when wearing hot trend pants down the street. The obvious gap, the chubby figure, and the unbalanced color selection are the reasons why women’s appearance is not appreciated. Therefore, when choosing a pair of hip-cut pants, you should consider the appropriate cut. Compared to people with wide hips, the design is suitable for slim figures. The choice of accompanying underwear also needs to be carefully considered. You can use C String – a special form of underwear designed like the letter C, without straps but still hugging the body. This is the type of lingerie that is very popular with stars when wearing hip-opening dresses. Panties with transparent silicone straps are also “a powerful weapon” for you to conquer the style of two-hole cut-out pants. This type has the same design as regular underwear, the other point of this pants is the see-through fabric straps, translucent, almost invisible when viewed from afar. Or you can choose a sport chip. With a large, strong strap, the sports chip, even when exposed, still exudes personality, without worrying about objection. Photo: Internet. Invite readers to watch the video: Fashion show of oversized people. Source: VTV24.