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Shenzhen Baoan suspends dine-in and closes entertainment venues, and the industry quickly transforms to fight the “epidemic”


Reward for newspaper materials Nandu Shenzhen News Report Tel: 0755-82121212 Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Chen Yingshan Many places in Guangdong have introduced catering control measures, and some urban areas have announced restrictions on reception, closure of dine-in meals, and prohibition of dinner parties with more than 10 people. Among them, Shenzhen Baoan is also included. In accordance with the recent requirements for epidemic prevention and control work, combined with the actual situation of Baoan District’s epidemic prevention and control work, the Baoan District has suspended dinning and entertainment venues. How will the catering and entertainment industries respond to the epidemic? Full-load operation suffers an “emergency brake”, catering is expected to break under the epidemic “Baoan’s dine-in stoppage has a great impact on us, because it came this time quite suddenly. Maybe everyone’s cognition did not realize how severe the impact of the fluctuation of the epidemic was, especially compared to last year. Compared with the situation where the catering was completely closed at the beginning of the epidemic at the beginning of the year. But in fact, the impact of the catering is not small at all. Compared with last year’s Spring Festival, most of the employees were on vacation, and the stock of vegetables was reduced accordingly. This time the emergency shutdown came. Suddenly, all of our personnel are fully operational, and inventory stocks are fully prepared for the summer vacation,” said Feng Guohua, the founder of Nong Geng Ji. Feng Guohua told Nandu that in fact, it was not only the Shenzhen area that was affected this time, it had already affected store operations when the Guangzhou epidemic fluctuated in early May. “If it is said that in mid-to-late May, the overall store revenue will be affected by 30 to 40%, and now including some areas in Shenzhen, the revenue impact will reach about 50%, and the store is still under great pressure. ” Headquartered in Shenzhen, Gan Tang Mingshan, who has brands such as Tanyu, Sajiao, and Chua Lam Hong Kong-style dim sum, also said that due to the impact of the epidemic in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the operation of offline stores under its brands has been greatly affected. Nowadays, taking out food has become the main measure of self-help. Nong Geng Ji also stated that the current measures taken by the store are first of all to do its best to do its best to ensure the safety of employees. In addition, the farming record that implemented the clean vegetable business as early as the beginning of the epidemic last year will continue to deepen the semi-finished vegetable business. In June, Nong Geng Ji co-branded Hema Xiansheng first released the co-branded “Kai Shou Cai”. Next, it will speed up the preparation of Kuai Shou Cai, and Tianhong Supermarket will soon list related dishes. The epidemic gave birth to a “cooking economy”. As early as the beginning of the epidemic last year, Shenzhen restaurants had a self-rescue model similar to “quick dishes” under the crisis of dine-in suspension. From switching to online takeaways to selling fresh ingredients in stores, the clean food business was the original “quick dishes.” Prototype. The ingredients are cut and washed in the store, matched with a video of making food, and the dishes are cleaned and delivered to their homes. Diners can also follow the chef’s video instructions to quickly complete a meal that is not lost in the “out of the restaurant”. “You will find that many short videos of home cooking have become popular during the epidemic, and the epidemic has highlighted the need to cook at home: it is safe and delicious, and it saves trouble,” Feng Guohua said. Supermarket launches takeaway discounts Catering businesses have been suspended, and experience businesses such as entertainment and education have also been affected to varying degrees. Facing the rapidly changing epidemic situation, Daqianli, Baoan, currently suspends dine-in restaurants and closes entertainment venues. Among them, Jinyi Studios, Shili Fitness, Park Hyatt KTV, Julie Zoo, Le Man Ice and Snow Kingdom, M8 Sports Fighting Complex, Star Legend, MELAND, Hip-hop Sauce, Mubei modeling and other gathering and closed entertainment shops are temporarily suspended Open. And Yang Meihong Private American School, EF Education, Pony Run, Enjoy Qin Orange, Lego Activity Center, Mei Jim, Pengcheng Baby, Penguin Family English, Yi Bei Le Children’s English, Pony Book and other offline education Classes are suspended. Entertainment facilities such as future bookstores and slides in the mall will be temporarily closed; retail stores and Yonghui Supermarket will remain open as usual. However, in response to the suspended food and beverages, Baoan Daqianli said that the mall provides self-pick-up and take-out food delivery services. Consumers can order food services on the store applet, takeaway platform or Baoan Daqianli online mall. “At present, Bao’an Daqianli has linked more than 70 catering brands in the venue to fight the epidemic together. It will soon launch the’Takeaway Free Eat’ gourmet area in the Bao’an Daqianli online store, and provide relevant takeaway order reductions; such as receiving coupons. Consumption, takeaway up to 12 yuan off, in addition to the end of July some of the takeaway packages are as low as 30%; while medical staff and community workers can also enjoy the anti-epidemic hero exclusive discount as low as 50% when they come to the store to pick up meals with their work permits”, related The person in charge said. A few days ago, the Guangdong Catering Association has united major take-out platforms, multiple take-out city distribution service providers, private domain take-out, and new retail software service providers to establish a “Take-out Empowerment Working Committee”, which will provide subsidies for riders and smart food dispensers at the end. The deployment of global traffic, global traffic aggregation and timely deployment of capacity, etc. help the catering industry to “help itself” as much as possible in the takeaway