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Short comment | When watching a drama at double speed, it can be “seven episodes in one hour”. Why is there still a good show “fast forward one second”?


According to the “2021 China Internet Audiovisual Development Research Report” released recently, 28.2% of my country’s 944 million Internet audiovisual users will choose to watch videos at double speed, especially after 00 users, nearly 40% choose double speed viewing.

Watching at double speed or fast-forwarding from time to time has become a habit of many users. On the one hand, this is related to the fast-paced life of contemporary people and the changing habits of watching dramas; but on the other hand, it is also due to the prolonged content of many long dramas and serious water injection. The popularity of double-speed dramas reminds practitioners in the film and television industry to improve the quality and control the rhythm of the narrative, performance, photography, and editing of works, and strive to lock the audience at the original double-speed with high-quality content.
Objectively speaking, today’s fast-paced life and numerous entertainment methods will reduce the time left for audiences to watch dramas. And a long drama is often dozens of episodes, each episode is usually about 40 minutes, it is not easy for viewers who are accustomed to watching short videos to watch it patiently. With double-speed viewing and a progress bar, users can even watch seven episodes in one hour, which can save a lot of time to experience other entertainment activities, and the efficiency of watching dramas is greatly improved. Almost all video platforms can provide the function of double-speed playback, and some platforms provide the function of triple-speed “intimately”, although at this time the playing style can hardly be viewed normally, and the content of the dialogue can not be heard clearly; the only function is ” Quickly filter out boring paragraphs”.
More and more viewers choose to “manually” compress long episodes into short episodes, and content producers in the film and television industry are also aware of the rapid growth of the market for “short plays”. In response to the changing tastes of the audience, a batch of 12 or so short episodes have appeared since last year, such as “The Hidden Corner”, “Skyscraper”, “The Silent Truth”, and “Wolf Hunter”. The structure is short and powerful, and the plot is compact and attractive. , So they have gained good ratings and reputation.
However, short episodes are not the only way to break the title, and long episodes do not mean that they are out of date. The 43-episode spy war drama “The Rebel”, which is currently on the air, won the audience’s reputation and scored 8.4 points online. Many netizens left messages or posted barrage saying “The plot is so tense” and “I don’t want to go fast for a second.” Into”. The “Awakening Age”, which is also a 43-group volume, was even “aponized” by countless young audiences. There was a message in the comment area saying: “There is no fast forward, no double speed, only constant pauses, watching and checking information.”
Facts have proved that the “long” of “long drama” is by no means the original sin. The fundamental reason why viewers are accustomed to double-speed viewing is that some “long” episodes are not enough to attract viewers. “The plot is procrastinated and the dialogue is boring. Just fast forward and watch it.” In the comment section of a drama featuring a traffic artist, even fans bluntly said: “The plot is not attractive, I just want to see my love. Bean, skip the rest of the paragraphs.”
In this way, as the viewing habits and technical means of online audio-visual are continuously upgraded and iterated, the trends of “double-speed playback” and “on-demand viewing” are forcing content producers in the film and television industry to see the situation-whether it is a long series or a short series. The development of drama series, improving the quality of content, and taking the route of quality is the right way to develop.
Author: Wei Zhong
Editor: Fan Jing