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Smart bracelets to support Covid-19 prevention and control will be tested from next week


The Make in Vietnam smart bracelet to support the prevention and control of Covid-19 is expected to be tested next week.
According to information from the National Center for Technology for Covid-19 Prevention and Control, two types of smart bracelets that support the management of isolated and post-isolation people developed by Vietnamese technology enterprises are expected to be tested. in the next week.

The first type is the Bluezone smart bracelet, manufactured by a Vietnamese enterprise. Expected price is 6 USD / unit (about 138,000 VND). The bracelet uses Bluezone open source core, 30-day battery, and is used in cases where smartphones are not used like in factories, used for the elderly … to support monitoring, medical declaration… (Illustration) The second type is a GPS navigation bracelet to help manage in the isolation area, priced at 35 USD/piece (equivalent to 800,000 VND). This bracelet will identify the wearer’s location, have a warning to destroy or remove the bracelet; 30 days battery, can be charged repeatedly and reused. The bracelet has a warning sent to the quarantined person, the medical officer in charge when leaving the allowed range or violating the predetermined route. Before that, following the request of the National Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control to complete the application to manage entry people from the time of entry, at the isolation area and to monitor their health after the end of the quarantine period. In the case of centralized isolation, the Ministry of Information and Communications (TT&TT) has proposed to apply a specialized bracelet to support the monitoring of people in centralized and post-isolation isolation developed by Vietnamese technology enterprises. According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, some countries have exported solutions to monitor quarantined subjects, but the use of available foreign solutions will lead to many limitations in mastering and customizing to suit the Vietnamese context. Male. The purchase of foreign solutions is also dependent on the production capacity of the partner, which can significantly affect the Covid-19 prevention and control plan. Meanwhile, Vietnamese enterprises now also have solutions (mastering technology and data stored in Vietnam) and sufficient production capacity, ready to deploy on a large scale in a short time. The tracking bracelet solution could open up a new direction of management for low-risk quarantined people. They will be fitted with a bracelet to monitor their self-isolation at home. This approach helps to reduce the risk of cross-infection in the isolation area, and at the same time eases the social burden, especially the team working in epidemic prevention and control.