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Stand in Wulingyuan, take the highest outdoor elevator that scares you, and enjoy the world natural heritage


Regardless of the Golden Week, weekend holiday or annual vacation, as long as there is a small holiday, how can it not be used well? It has long been heard that Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Scenic Area is the core of Zhangjiajie. Our family still travels every holiday as usual. . Before departure, I searched for a lot of information on the Internet, always wanting to get a taste of the essence of Wulingyuan Scenic Spot in these three days, so we arranged the hotel, tickets and itinerary in advance to prevent rushing when playing. About the itinerary Tickets for Wulingyuan Scenic Area are valid for 4 days, so we can spend the past few days having a good time. DAY 1 Xibu Street DAY 2 Wulingyuan-Wujiayu Ticket Station, the core scenic spot of Zhangjiajie (take an environmentally friendly vehicle)-Bailong ladder up-(take an environmentally friendly vehicle) Core scenic area Yuanjiajie-Back Garden-Hali Road Yashan-the first bridge in the world ――Yuanjiajie Visitor Center (Total tour time is about 3 hours)――Take an eco-car and turn left to Yangjiajie――Wulongzhai――Climb to the sky in one step――Tianbo Mansion――(take an eco-car) and go down Bailong ladder― ―(Take an environmentally friendly vehicle) Wulingyuan-Wujiayu Ticket Station, the core scenic spot of Zhangjiajie DAY 3 Wulingyuan-Wujiayu Ticket Station, the core scenic spot of Zhangjiajie (take an eco-car)-Jinbianxi (approximately 3 hours tour time)-Dayang Bar Square (approximately half an hour tour, take an eco-car)-Zhangjiajie core scenic area Wulingyuan-Wujiayu Ticket station About traffic For family travel, we think it is more convenient to drive from Chongqing to Zhangjiajie. Route: From Chongqing Nanhuan Interchange on Baomao Expressway, drive more than 430 kilometers, enter Zhanghua Expressway, then drive more than 100 kilometers, enter Changzhang Expressway, travel more than 60 kilometers, and get off the expressway from Yanghe exit to reach Wulingyuan Scenic Area La. From Wulingyuan Wujiayu Ticket Station, which is also the sign ticket station, you can enter the scenic spot. After we got there, we parked the car directly in the hotel’s free parking lot. The hotel we chose was Zhangjiajie Yunqin Boutique Inn. PS: There are many food and lodging options near Wulingyuan Scenic Area, which is very convenient. DAY1 After we packed up and rested for a while, the trip began! In fact, it’s already evening. We heard from the inn that we can go around Xibu Street. Xibu Street is a commercial pedestrian street integrating snacks, bars, and shopping. It has local characteristics. There are many delicious snacks here. Everyone must go at night, the lighting at night is very beautiful, the night scene is beautiful, it will definitely leave a good impression on you. DAY 2 We walked from where we lived and came to Wulingyuan Wujiayu ticket station, which is called the sign gate ticket station, because it is really beautiful~ We took an eco-car to enter, and we saw a group of people from a distance. Hearing from the driver said that Bailong Ladder had activities today, we originally planned to take the elevator up the mountain. After getting off the car, we saw a lot of people queuing to take pictures. , What’s the situation, come and take a look. We saw a huge fun Moments photo board placed at the viewing platform. Many people were choosing Fun Moments holding cards and taking photos at the Moments exhibition board. There are also many foreign friends on the scene, and they have also participated in it, showing off a strong Chinese style! Among them is a lovely couple. They have known each other for just a year, but they are very shy because their relationship has not been officially confirmed. When the Bailong ladder staff helped them take a group photo on the spot, they “gave the flames” and “instigated” the boys to take the initiative to confess. On such a special day, a married couple was promoted. A group of young and energetic post-90s at the scene had a very interesting slogan when they took a group photo: “The motherland is not beautiful”…”beautiful”! Hearing such a shout, I was inexplicably moved, and bursts of laughter infected me. The Bailong Ladder is very cool, and the mountains and rivers of the motherland are beautiful. We take a group photo here to show off the strong patriotism, which is very meaningful. After the end, we bought Bailong Ladder round-trip tickets to use the VIP channel without queuing. We didn’t know at the beginning, but we just wanted to go up and down the mountain more convenient, or that etiquette led us to VIP~ Standing on the Bailong Ladder, you can feel the different experience brought by speed and height. At the same time, you can overlook the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, and see the strange mountains and rocks of Zhangjiajie. It can not help but be the motherland’s vast expanse and this man-made miracle. proud! Take the Bailong ladder to Yuanjiajie, a very striking stone stele. Let’s talk about the back garden of Yuanjiajie first. We understand that the back garden is similar to that in the ancient palace. Coming here is similar to what I imagined. Then there is the very famous “Hallelujah Mountain”, which sounds interesting, and it is more interesting to watch it up close, and it is magical, and it seems that you can’t see the roots. After seeing so many lush scenery, I saw a touch of red from a distance, and I felt a little happy~~ This is the best bridge in the world! A natural bridge is erected between the cliffs for tourists to walk on. I feel a little nervous, but seeing this long band of prayers is more happiness than anxiety. Everything here is a masterpiece of nature. It is really worth seeing. This bridge and this pinnacle are extraordinary scenery. Approaching noon, we returned to the Yuanjiajie Visitor Center to rest and have dinner……. After lunch, we continue to set off. The first stop in the afternoon is Yangjiajie-Wulongzhai. Wulongzhai, the name makes people think about it. The plots of the TV series are emerging, and I can’t help but go in and take a look. After leaving Wulongzhai and walking forward, I saw a long and steep ladder. Tourists could only go up one by one. We also climbed up. Only when we went up did we realize that we have reached Tianbo Mansion. We stepped on “a step to the sky”. Coming up. Tianbo Mansion can overlook the scenery of the entire Yangjiajie, and it can be regarded as “will be the top of the mountain, overlooking the mountains”. We stop and go like this, time flies very fast, thinking that tomorrow is still available, we are ready to return to the hotel to rest. So, when we got down from Tianbo Mansion, we took an eco-car to the Bailong ladder station. We saw the five-star red flag fluttering in the wind at close range. We couldn’t help staying for a few more minutes to record this beautiful moment. As the sun sets, we went down the mountain with the tickets we bought before, and we went back to the bottom of the mountain with xiu’s. The trip on this day was really solemn and lovely! DAY 3 What we planned before was to go up the first day of the mountain and go down the second day. Today we have a very relaxed schedule. We naturally woke up in the morning and set off to play in the Golden Whip Stream and the Grand Canyon in Wulingyuan Scenic Area. It’s said that people in the Grand Canyon are to breathe the most expensive oxygen in the world, because it contains up to 80,000 to 100,000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter, the air is super good, and the scenery is also pleasing to the eye~ It is said that a good mountain must be matched with a good water, how can the existence of Golden Whip Creek be missing. Just stop and go, our pace of life has also slowed down, and the whole person feels comfortable. The three-day trip to Wulingyuan is over for the time being. On the first day, I experienced the cultural customs of Wulingyuan and went shopping in Xibu Street. On the second day, I witnessed the extraordinary craftsmanship of nature and participated in the solemn and sacred flag-raising ceremony; Breathing the full oxygen of nature for three days and feeling the fresh water vapor from nature, it can be said that Wulingyuan Scenic Area can become a world natural heritage and become the core of Zhangjiajie. A trip here on National Day is very meaningful!