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Technology must serve the community


At the online conference of state management in the second quarter of 2021, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung emphasized on a new approach in combating the Covid-19 epidemic.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung chaired the State management briefing in the second quarter of 2021. Source: mic.gov.vn Accordingly, currently fighting against the Covid-19 epidemic has changed from being the main defense to the main attack; the attack on all 3 shots: Active testing even when there is no epidemic and rapid testing; switch from encouraging to mandatory use of some key technologies; Vaccines are the decisive attack. Action motto from “5K + vaccine” to “5K + vaccine + technology”. According to Minister Nguyen Manh Hung, technology is important to apply before the epidemic, because it is like a “night watch” to protect people, so that when the epidemic breaks out, we have data to detect quickly. close contacts, not large-scale isolation. Therefore, the Ministry of Information and Communications must work closely with the Ministry of Health to propagate so that people understand that the application of technology is a factor to ensure successful epidemic prevention and control. Technology must be applied in the stages of medical declaration, entry, testing, tracing, isolation, vaccination; even technological solutions to measure and warn about a well-ventilated working environment, reducing the risk of infection. Along with that, it is necessary to strengthen persuasion for people to understand and voluntarily use and not abuse administrative measures. The Minister of Information and Communications also emphasized that technology is a lot but must not cause trouble for people, that is, it must be re-integrated through a single portal, people only have to do it once. The establishment of the Technology Center for Covid-19 prevention and control is also for that purpose. Technology must bring benefits to the people, the community and the value brought must be greater than the cost. Technology is not an investment to take advantage of, not an additional cost for the budget, for the business or organization, but for the technology to create added value.