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The bold fashion style of ‘burning eyes’ of transgender hot girl is as beautiful as a doll


As a transgender beauty, but Mym Tran makes many people think that she is a 100% genuine girl when she possesses a natural beauty. She is famous as a hot girl with a bold fashion sense.

Mym Tran (born in 1997) appeared in the Chinese press with the praise of “doll from Vietnam” or “Lisa Vietnamese version”. Hot transgender girl impresses with a beautiful face like a doll, waist “ant” and round 1 round. Not only possessing 3 sexy rings, Mym Tran also impresses with her luxurious appearance and eye-catching bold fashion. Surfing Mym Tran’s personal website will see that she is very fond of wearing tight-fitting outfits. In addition, each outfit chosen by her has its own highlight to increase the appeal of the style. Typically there are tight-fitting skirts, strapless designs, or fancy cut-out patterns. Wearing open clothes, Mym Tran looks extremely sexy and seductive. Tight dresses are an indispensable item in this 24-year-old hot girl’s wardrobe. Dressed in a fitting fit, her figure curves are fully enhanced. Her tight-fitting short skirts with shoulder-length designs are popular with her. Her bold, but not offensive fashion, helps her create a good impression in the eyes of many netizens. The elegant outfits also help her show off her full breasts and smooth, smooth white skin. This hot girl’s wardrobe is covered with bright colors. Bright and eye-catching colors help Mym Tran maintain a youthful image in the eyes of fans. Photo: IT, IG. Invite readers to watch the video “Fashion show of the oversized”. Source: VTV24.