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The cat followed the couple to the top of the Swiss mountain more than 3,000 meters high


On their way to Mount Britsen in Switzerland, Cyril and Erik Rohrer came across a stray kitten. This cat accompanied them to the top of a mountain 3,073m above sea level.
Mount Bristen is one of the longest ski tours in the region and Cyril and Erik Rohrer (Sachseln City, Switzerland) went skiing in mid-April 2021.

At 4:30 in the morning, at an altitude of 1200m, they were very scared and confused when they heard a cat meowing in the dark forest. The cat on the cold snowy mountain. After observing, they saw a small cat on the side of a mountain. This cat has wandered in the footsteps of hikers to the top of the mountain. “The cat followed us all the time, even when we were walking uphill. We also couldn’t leave it alone, so it went with us to continue the journey up to an altitude of more than 3000m,” said Cyril. Fortunately, he was caught by the couple Cyril, Erik Rohrer. At one point, the cat shivered from the cold, and its paws began to bleed from the snow. Hikers knew he was too tired to continue walking, and carried him with him when he was exhausted. “At that time, I was really confused and felt sorry for the little cat if I left him. It was exhausted on the side of the mountain, just below the top of the mountain,” Cyril recounted. Fortunately, another group of hikers reached the top of the mountain before Cyril and Erik Rohrer, when they returned to meet the couple and the cat. They managed to bring the cat back to the valley and reunite it with its owner. The couple and other hikers brought the cat back to its owner. It was later discovered that the cat had been missing for four days, two days before it went with Cyril and Erik to the top of the mountain, it had also followed other groups. Cyril said: “So the little cat has been to the top of the mountain 3 times! Animals can do strange things and they are tougher than humans. They will never give up, even though they are badly injured themselves. “. His metal ( according to Epoch Times)