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“The Five Sacred Mountains do not look at the mountains when they return, and the Huangshan Mountain does not look at the mountains when they return”, because one sentence set foot on the top of Huangshan Mountain


I forgot to see a point of view: when you visit the big-name tourist attractions in China, you will find that you may be “spoofed” when you are in it. The real scene is not as good as the picture shows. But this logic is not suitable for Huangshan, Anhui, because when you stop at any location in the mountains, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that almost no photographer can fully show the beauty of Huangshan. Shanghai-Huangshan self-driving tour route This time I came to Anhui from Shanghai for a self-driving tour, and I always heard various folk songs about Huangshan in the local area-“The five sacred mountains do not look at the mountains, and the Huangshan does not look at the mountains when they return.” I don’t know how many people set foot on this poem. The road to Huangshan. We are no exception. After leaving Hongcun, I decided to go to Huangshan Scenic Area. People always climb the “World’s Natural and Cultural Double Heritage Mountains” once in their lives. Otherwise, how can I call myself a tourist? I didn’t take the highway, but took the nearest road, S218, and it took an hour to reach the foot of Huangshan Mountain. After I parked the car, I filled my bag with a bottle of water, a few packs of tissues, a bag of biscuits, and some personal belongings. I hung a large SLR and started to enter the mountain. I was mentally prepared before climbing the mountain. The guide stated that it would take 5 hours to climb Huangshan to the summit. But who knows, I was exhausted after only half an hour of crawling. As I stopped and rested, several 40-something brothers carried heavy baskets and walked by me at steady and light steps. I could see that they should be delivered to the top of the mountain for sale. They are picks. Mountain engineering. In order to have a spiritual sustenance, I caught up with the last little brother who shipped the goods and chatted. He told me that their reward for carrying goods from the bottom of the mountain to the top of the mountain was one dollar a piece, and the burden on him was more than 100 kilograms, which was filled with mineral water. I wanted to help him lighten a little burden out of good intentions, and I was afraid that the bottle of water I brought was not enough, so I discussed with him to buy two bottles of water for him, but I was decisively rejected. I asked the reason inexplicably. It turned out that there is a rule here that mountain workers cannot sell things on mountain roads unless they have a franchise license. Looking up at the countless steps, I began to feel sad. They may not be knowledgeable, but they have a higher bottom line than ordinary people. Since I walked relatively slowly and the burdensome brother was in a hurry, we said goodbye in a hurry, and he walked ahead of me. Slowness actually has its advantages. For example, I didn’t think that I had to climb to the top, and wherever I went, so that I could spend more time calmly watching Huangshan’s most spectacular mountain wonders this season. When climbing the Purple Stone Peak, Banshan Temple and Rusheng Pavilion, the landscape is more spectacular and extreme, and it feels like a fairyland. Facing the infinitely beautiful Huangshan peaks, I couldn’t help repeating Xu Xiake’s sigh: “Climb Huangshan, there is no mountain in the world, just watch it.” After more than 5 hours of perseverance, I was close to the top of the mountain at noon. Looking into the distance, the sea of ​​clouds, rocks, and pine forests spread out in front of me like a scroll. Not everyone who has been to Huangshan has seen the magnificent scenery in front of them, and I am the luckiest tourist among them. I think this may be the meaning of travel, seeing scenery beyond imagination, eating things that have never been eaten, and meeting like-minded people by chance. Tips: 1. Whether you want to see the sea of ​​clouds in Huangshan or the sunrise and sunset, you must check the weather forecast before you go to climb the mountain. Look at the sunrise on a sunny day, and watch the sea of ​​clouds after the rain. The weather is usually sunny and there is no wind, and the probability of the sea of ​​clouds in Huangshan after rain. Larger, it can even last for more than 1 day sometimes. In addition, from November to April of each year, Huangshan Mountains and Clouds Sea are more likely to appear, and the scene is even more magnificent. 2. If you want to spend less to visit Huangshan, it is recommended to bring food from the bottom of the mountain, otherwise you will have to bear the cost of spending more than 4 times higher on the mountain than under the mountain. The soup mouth at the foot of the mountain is an ideal replenishment place for drinking water and climbing supplies. You can purchase it before going up the mountain. 3. There is a big temperature difference between morning and night on Huangshan Mountain, so you must wear good warm clothes when you spend the night on the mountain. For example, during the day, you only wear long-sleeved sweaters at the foot of the mountain, and at night, you have to wear sports jackets or even light cotton clothes when you spend the night on the mountain. 4. Photography in Huangshan is different from photography in a park. You can step back at will to adjust the angle, because there may be cliffs behind you, so you must pay attention to the safety of your feet when shooting