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The leading domestic menswear industry has fallen, once donated 5 million yuan to Wenchuan, and now has a debt of 3 billion and lost the heart of men


Is anyone probably familiar with these two ad slogans, “Man is more than one side” and “Dancing with wolves, showing the true qualities of a hero.” If you are really familiar with these advertising words, then I boldly estimate that your age should be around 30 years old. Those who are too young may not even listen to it, because it is about the home of Hailan. The seven wolves are as famous as Jiu Muwang and other famous clothing brands. The seven wolves advertisements in the peak period spread throughout the streets and alleys, which can be regarded as the leader of the entire domestic menswear industry. He also donated 5 million yuan during the Wenchuan earthquake, showing his care for the people of the motherland. But in recent years, the seven wolves have developed slowly, their performance has been impaired, their stock prices have fallen, and they have even shouldered more than 3 billion debts. Faced with such a predicament, can the seven wolves smoothly return to the trough and reach the peak again? Zhou Shaoxiong’s start-up Seven Wolves is a comprehensive enterprise founded in 1990 with clothing as its main business and taking into account equity investment and real estate. Before this, his founder Zhou Shaoxiong was only an employee working in a Xinhua bookstore in Fujian. In the 1980s, the country introduced the “three to one supplement” policy. Well-known foreign brands such as Nike joined the Chinese market. At this time, Zhou Shaoxiong, who had no business experience, spotted the opportunity and moved his thoughts. The so-called “three to one supplement” mainly refers to processing with supplied materials, processing with supplied samples, assembling with supplied parts, and compensation trade. It is a kind of enterprise trade established in some areas lacking capital, technology and personnel in the early stage of reform and opening up. Form of cooperation. Under the breeze of reform, Zhou Shaoxiong decided to quit his stable job at Xinhua Bookstore, and first tried trading, and set up a garment craft factory that specializes in OEM services for Hong Kong and Taiwan bosses. Due to the scarcity of supplies in that era, Zhou Shaoxiong’s garment craft factory has not had to worry about sales at all since it started construction. It easily made two million yuan in just two years. The rise of the seven wolves After earning his first pot of gold, Zhou Shaoxiong immediately set his sights on Shanghai and went there to produce down jackets and jackets. In those few years in Shanghai, although Zhou Shaoxiong failed to make some great achievements, he dealt with all kinds of people every day, which allowed him to gain a lot of valuable experience and broaden his horizons. At that time, Zhou Shaoxiong began to realize the value of the brand. For the Chinese people at that time, they were used to all kinds of shoddy, fake and inferior products. If a brand that can be trusted by the Chinese people can be created at this time, it will inevitably get a lot of people’s reputation stand by. Under the support of this concept, Zhou Shaoxiong took six brothers to create the seven wolves brand. The brand name was inspired by the famous song “I am a wolf from the north” by Qi Qin. The Seven Wolves became very popular as soon as it was launched. Zhou Shaoxiong invited many big-name celebrities to come to cooperate, including Qi Qin. In 2004, it successfully became the first listed menswear company in my country. In 12 years, there were more than 4,000 stores and revenues of more than 3.5 billion yuan. It became the leading domestic menswear company at that time, and it was a momentary glory. . How did the seven wolves decline step by step? But the good times didn’t last long. With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, some well-known brands from foreign countries, such as H$M, Uniqlo, Zara, etc., entered the Chinese market one after another, and they have formed a dimensionality reduction blow to the Septwolves in all aspects. Immediately afterwards, e-commerce quickly rose, and the entire retail industry in China has undergone major changes. In such a sudden change in the market environment, Zhou Shaoxiong failed to keep up with the trend of the times, coupled with the lack of his own R&D investment, resulting in a substantial decline in revenue and net profit, and the number of stores was nearly halved. At that time, Zhou Shaoxiong also put a lot of energy on real estate, and he did make a little money at the beginning, but later with the influence of the government’s regulation and its own investment failure, the seven wolves have worsened the situation and their revenue has been hit hard! Today’s seven wolves are not as good as before, and they can’t afford the title of leading domestic menswear enterprises. Although Zhou Shaoxiong has changed the course with the seven wolves since 18 years, it still has little effect. In fact, the reason why the seven wolves have declined is that Zhou Shaoxiong himself has to bear a heavy responsibility. He has insufficient judgment on the market prospects, so that he has fallen to this point. Recently, there have been many black swan incidents in Seven Wolves. Li Shujun, the general manager of Tmall Apparel, whom he hired heavily, suddenly resigned during his tenure, which had a great impact on the company. However, one thing that is commendable is that the seven wolves are very keen on public welfare. They donated 5 million during the Wenchuan earthquake and 1 million during the new crown epidemic. In the past five years, the market value of the seven wolves has evaporated by nearly 20 billion, and what Zhou Shaoxiong, who has debts of more than three billion, can do to bring the seven wolves back to the top and win back the hearts of men, we can enjoy this. Looking forward to it.