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The most domineering student in history: Entering Tsinghua University with 5 points in Physics, was praised by Einstein at the age of 28


Perhaps the most distressing thing for contemporary college students is to read a large number of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign documents for the purpose of writing papers. However, the first sentence of the following article published in May 2002 is “this article does not need to refer to any documents”. Netizens call it the “most domineering” and “hardest core” reference in history.Picture from the Internet

It turns out that the author of this paper is the great master of mechanics-Academician Qian Weichang.

Netizens who know one after another said: “Look at the references, who is so ignorant, that’s okay? Look at the author, oh, the big guys are free.” No wonder people don’t have references at all. After all, this paper is written for others as “documents.” Come “reference”.Academician Qian Weichang

Academician Qian Weichang, known as “one of the three money”, is a world-renowned physicist, educator, former president of Shanghai University, and one of the founders of modern Chinese mechanics and applied mathematics.

He was born in a scholarly family and has a solid foundation in Chinese studies, but he abandons literature and science for the rise of the country. From an internationally renowned scientific master to a patriotic student who resolutely returns to the country; from a two-sleeved university professor to a boiler factory worker who goes deep into the grassroots, he has ups and downs all his life. But never change the heart of a pure child, worry about the country and the people, and have no shame in China.

Throughout his life, his research field was changeable, frank and sincere and unrepentant: “I don’t have a major, and the needs of the country are my majors.” The needs of the motherland are my majors.

In 1912, Qian Weichang was born in a scholarly family in Wuxi, Jiangsu. His father Qian Zhi was a famous local educator, and his fourth uncle was Qian Mu, a famous Chinese master.Qian Mu

When Qian Weichang was 16 years old, his father died of illness, and he has been living with his uncle ever since. He has been immersed in Chinese history and culture since he was a child. He has read four books and twenty-four histories, and has a solid foundation in Chinese studies.

In 1931, Qian Wei, who was just 19 years old, applied for five top universities in one breath: Tsinghua University, Jiaotong University, Central University, Wuhan University and Zhejiang University.

During the test of Tsinghua University, he completed an essay of “Sleepwalking in Tsinghua Garden” in only 45 minutes. After reading the test, the teacher felt that “there is no way to change”. In the end, Qian Weichang used both Chinese and history. The scores entered into the Chinese Department of Tsinghua University.Qian Weichang in high school

But after enrollment, the “September 18th” incident broke out. At that time, young students all over the country went on strike and marched to fight against Japan. This patriotic sentiment deeply infected the passionate young Qian Weichang. He made a risky decision: abandon literary theory!

“After I heard it, I became angry. I was young. I said that we don’t have airplanes and cannons. We build them ourselves. I want to learn how to build airplanes and cannons. I am determined to abandon literature and science. The needs of the country are my major.” Qian Weichang graduated from University. According to

Qian Weichang was very active. After he made up his mind, he ran directly to the desk of Wu Youxun, the dean of the physics department, and asked to change his major. Although Qian Weichang had excellent academic achievements in literature and history, he had very serious partial subjects and had little natural science foundation. At the end of the entrance examination, his physics score was only 5, and his English score was 0.

After learning about the situation, Wu Youxun persuaded him to “be able to serve the motherland as well as learning Chinese.” However, for the next week, Qian Weichang regularly stayed in front of the office every day. Such persistence and waiting made Wu Youxun very moved and finally agreed to enter the book. Department of Science.

But the condition is that at the end of the semester, each subject must have a score of 70 or more, and if you fail to reach it, you will go back to study history.Picture from the Internet

In order to learn physics well, Qian Weichang only slept for 5 hours a day for the next year, and went to the Science Museum to endorse at 5 o’clock in the morning. He worked very hard. He also recalled: “At that time, there was Hua Luogeng who was as desperate as me. I worked very hard. I went to the Science Museum to endorse at 5 o’clock every morning, but Hua Luogeng had finished memorizing it.”

Under strict supervision, Qian Weichang completed the “military order” issued at that time. By the time he graduated from the university, only 8 people in the entire physics department of Tsinghua University had successfully graduated, and Qian Weichang was one of them.

Later, Qian Weichang said in his memoirs: “This is an important choice in my life.”

Throughout Qian Wei’s long life, the word “patriotism” has been implemented throughout, with a heart of innocence, “reading for the rise of China”.Returning from studying abroad, just to train better students

In 1939, Qian Wei traveled thousands of miles to Kunming via Hong Kong and Hanoi to teach thermodynamics at Southwest Associated University.

That same year, he was admitted to the British government-funded student who was awarded the Boxer Indemnity. Due to the sudden interruption of the Second World War, the shipping was interrupted and he was transferred to the University of Toronto in Canada to study.

50 days after Qian Weichang went to Canada, under the guidance of his tutor Singh, he published a paper entitled “The Intrinsic Theory of Elastic Plates and Shells”. This paper is considered a pioneer in the field of “rational mechanics” in the United States. For. Einstein couldn’t help but praised after seeing this paper: “This paper has solved my troubles for many years.”

Subsequently, this paper was sent to the hands of von Carmen, the father of world missiles. At this time, Qian Wei was only 28 years old, but he managed to rank among the forefront of the world and became a world-renowned scientist.Von Carmen

Two years later, Qian Weichang received his Ph.D., and then came to the California Institute of Technology to do a postdoctoral fellow in Jet Propulsion Research, under the tutelage of Professor von Kamen. At the same time, Qian Xuesen, Lin Jiaqiao and Guo Yonghuai were studying with him.

As an internationally renowned scientist, Qian Weichang has a good income in the United States. Everyone knows that if Qian Weichang continues to stay in the United States for research work, his future will be limitless.

But the generous life in front of him did not erode Qian Weichang’s patriotism. When he learned of the victory of the domestic War of Resistance Against Japan, he immediately chose to return to China.He will return to his alma mater, Tsinghua University, as a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering: “I am determined to come home and train better students.” Graduation photo of Dr. Qian Weichang

Then, von Karmen valued this student very much. Qian Weichang made many requests to return to China, but he was frequently hindered by his tutors and colleagues. In the end, he could only use the excuse of missing his family and the 6-year-old child who had never met. Request to return home to visit relatives.

On May 6, 1946, Qian Weichang deliberately prepaid the rent of the apartment for half a year, only brought simple luggage and a few necessary books, and returned to China by boat from Los Angeles.

This year, he was 34 years old.Qian Weichang and his wife Kong Xiangying

At that time, it was the civil war and the domestic economic recession. By 1948, Qian Weichang’s salary was only enough to buy two thermos: “Generally, professors have six classes a week, and I teach 17 classes. But I have no complaints.”

In order to supplement his family, Qian Weichang not only attends classes at Tsinghua University, but also attends part-time classes at the School of Engineering of Peking University and Yanjing University. In his spare time, he also serves as the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Tsinghua University and undertakes manuscript review work.

But even under such a hectic pace of life, he still achieved many groundbreaking results in scientific theory and engineering technology. Not only created the first mechanics major in a Chinese university, but also published China’s first monograph on elastic mechanics.Qian Weichang is teaching

In fact, as an internationally renowned scientist, he could have chosen to leave and return to the United States to continue jet propulsion research, but a problem when applying for a passport and filling in the form made Qian Weichang choose to stay in China.

“I can’t fill in the last item. He is talking about whether you are loyal to China or the United States when China is at war with the United States. I said of course I am loyal to China, and I am Chinese.”

Later, as the Dean of Tsinghua University, Qian Weichang participated in the formulation of the first chapter of the scientific development blueprint for the new China. He was the first to propose that the country should give priority to the development of atomic energy, missiles and aerospace. At that time, except for Qian Xuesen and Qian Sanqiang, all others involved in the planning More than 400 people did not support him.

But he insisted on going his own way: “I think I still have to tell the truth. What should the country do? You can’t listen to these words.”

And the facts have also proved that the new China needs these technologies. Without the successful development of two bombs and one satellite, perhaps China will not become a major country that has an important influence on the world now and in the future.Qian Weichang works in the study to worry about the country and the people, and he is worthy of China

Although in addition to various part-time jobs, Qian Weichang still persisted in publishing scientific research papers, and published many monographs such as “The Problem of Large Deflection of Elastic Round Thin Plates”, which has aroused great international response.

However, compared with the United States, Qian Weichang did a lot less research after returning to China. He devoted most of his time and energy to teaching.

His students once recalled: “Qian Weichang and his group of scholars have similar ideas. They think teaching is more important. He often tells students that I don’t have a major, and the needs of the country are my major.” Picture from the Internet

In 1957, the anti-rightist movement came. Qian Weichang was labelled a “rightist” because of his previous speeches that were “contrary to the mainstream” and his criticism of Tsinghua’s copy of the Soviet model of teaching.

Such a great scientist was forced to leave the lecture hall for teaching and educating people, and was responsible for sweeping the floor in the laboratory for a year before delegating rural labor.

Such a change made Qian Weichang unexpected, but he did not become depressed, but secretly transferred his teaching and scientific research work “underground”.

Under the arrangement of some knowledgeable experts, Qian Weichang opened various workshops, all of which were systematic lectures, which were often held for several months to six months, and trained a large number of talents in applied mathematics and mechanics for the motherland.

After being transferred to the factory, he and the workers built the heat treatment workshop from nothing, and also designed and built the best hydraulic press in Beijing at that time.Picture from the Internet

In the midst of hardships, Qian Wei has not changed his original aspirations, and has worked day and night for the development of the motherland.

At the end of the Cultural Revolution, Qian Weichang was over 60 years old. His life has been ups and downs, and he has gone through vicissitudes of life, but he is full of passion and hopeful for the future of the motherland: “I try to regain the good years that have been lost and work day and night.”

In 1983, Deng Xiaoping personally lowered the order of Qian Weichang and was transferred to Shanghai University of Technology as the president, stating that this appointment is not subject to age restrictions.

After serving as the principal, he was often seen on the Shanghai campus. A silver hair is always combing meticulously. If he sees students rushing to the classroom, he will nod with excitement to the people around him and say “Very good!”

Once I couldn’t see anyone, I immediately seemed uncomfortable and asked: “Where have all the people gone?” When I learned that there was a normal holiday, I continued to walk around the campus.Qian Weichang returned to his alma mater for the 12th time-Wuxi Dangkou Central Primary School

In 1992, Qian Weichang took the lead in establishing a flexible school management model at Shanghai University, forming a unique teaching management model centered on the credit system, course selection system, short semester system and tutorial system, and soon became popular throughout the country.

In 1993, Shanghai University of Technology merged Shanghai University of Science and Technology, the former Shanghai University, and Shanghai Technical College to form the current Shanghai University.

Because of being beaten as a rightist, Qian Weichang’s son and daughter did not go to college, but he devoted the rest of his life to cultivating comprehensive and innovative college students.

In 2005, the 93-year-old Qian Weichang sent an emotional call to the students at the Shanghai University graduation ceremony: “What do you say the world is? The world is the people! Do you care about the worries of the people, the country, and the nation? ? The world’s worries and worries, have you ever worried?” The picture comes from the Internet

Speaking of Qian Weichang, Mrs. Qian’s Kong Xiangying said: “He used to live a life like this with a pen and a book, and he didn’t care about anything else.”

In 2010, Qian Weichang passed away at the age of 98. Life time, worry about the country and the people, worthy of China.

Some people say that Qian Weichang is a versatile scientist. His research projects are diverse: he has deduced 13,000 trigonometric series summation formulas; he has studied computer coding; he has invented the award-winning “money code.”

But in fact, his whole life has only been devoted to studying one science that he thinks is the most important: patriotism. “I think what the country needs, I do. I have no other requirements. I want the country to become stronger.”

When he was young, he was passionate about literature and abandoned the theory of literature. When he was old, he taught and educates people without changing his original aspirations. Whether he did scientific research or teaching, for Mr. Qian, in his ninety-eight years, only “pure patriotism” is The same color throughout your life.

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