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7 most unique high-rise swimming pools in the world


Immersing in the cool water in the infinity pools with impressive heights or owning a novel design is an experience that many people love.

The world’s first floating swimming pool (UK): Sky Pool is 35 meters above the ground, located between two high-rise buildings of the Embassy Gardens project in London. The pool is 25m long, swimmers can look directly at the ground through transparent acrylic panels or zoom in on the Parliament building, London Eye wheel… Photo: Architectural Digest. World’s tallest outdoor infinity pool in a building (UAE): The outdoor swimming pool on the roof of the 77-storey Address Beach Resort hotel in Dubai is located at an altitude of 294 meters above the ground. The surface area of ​​​​about 560 m2 makes this swimming pool look like a large lake reflecting the sky. The project offers visitors spectacular views of the Arabian Gulf, Palm Jumeirah Islands and Bluewaters Island. Image: CNN . The world’s first forested hotel overhead swimming pool (UAE): The Rosemont luxury hotel and apartment complex in Dubai consists of two 47-storey towers. It has a tropical forest with many rare trees, artificial lake and beach in the middle of the forest. In addition, the hotel also has an overhead swimming pool. The structure has a unique protruding structure and surrounds the building. Image: Reader’s Digest . The longest infinity pool in the world (Singapore): The famous luxury hotel Marina Bay Sands in the lion island nation is home to the world’s longest swimming pool halfway through the sky. Skypark infinity pool is 150 m long, has an area equal to 3 Olympic swimming pools combined, holds 1,424 m3 of water. This is the longest sky-high swimming pool in the world, located on the roof of the building, on the 57th floor of the hotel. From afar, visitors will see the Skypark swimming pool with the shape of a boat crossing on the roof of 3 attractive skyscrapers. Image: Marina Bay Sands. The tallest and largest gold-plated infinity pool in the world (Vietnam): The swimming pool is located on the 29th floor of Danang Golden Bay Hotel, 68 m long, 12 m wide, with 24k gold-plated tiles. The project is inspired by the infinity of the sky and the sea. From here, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy, relax in the clear water and enjoy the panoramic view of the coastal city. Image: Danang Golden Bay . Overhead glass bottom swimming pool (China): The Holiday Inn hotel in Shanghai has a swimming pool on the 24th floor. Part of the pool has a glass bottom, about 70 meters above the ground, giving you the feeling of swimming in the air and the opportunity to look down at the street. below. The rest of the 30 m long tank is located inside the building. Image: Pinterest . Devil’s Pool (Zambia & Zimbabwe): Devil’s Pool is considered a natural infinity pool. The pool is located at the headwaters of Victoria Falls, the waterfall stretches for more than 1.5 km and is considered one of the largest falling waters in the world. The rapids form a natural barrier around the edge of the lake, preventing swimmers from falling downhill. For the adventurous, a dip in Devil’s pool is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Image: Hamedtizrooyan . Spectacular natural swimming pools appear and disappear Located on the island of Siargao (Philippines), Lake Magpupungko not only attracts tourists thanks to its unique beauty, but also because of its hidden and visible “acts”.