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The original has fallen from 5499 yuan to 3799 yuan. Apple’s old models have fallen to the “freezing point”. Is it worth it?


Nowadays, competition in the mobile phone market is quite fierce. Major manufacturers have their own magical powers in order to attract consumers. Some continue to release new phones to stimulate demand, while others reduce prices for older models to increase sales. Coincidentally, it coincides with 618 e-commerce. The event is about to enter its climax. In the past few days, many models have ushered in substantial price cuts, aiming to stimulate demand through price concessions. For example, iPhone11 is a typical representative.

As Apple’s regular flagship two years ago, the advantages and disadvantages of the iPhone 11 at this stage are still obvious. Thanks to the support of the Apple A13 processor and the closed IOS system, the performance and smoothness of the iPhone 11 are still online, and the user experience is quite smooth. At the same time, the iPhone 11 is also equipped with IP68 waterproof and a built-in 3110 mAh battery. The quality control and battery life are also remarkable, but unfortunately, the iPhone 11 is only a 4G mobile phone and does not support 5G networks. This is a bit out of date in the industry. In addition, the initial storage of iPhone 11 is only 64G, which is also a bit inadequate under the current trend of increasingly large applications in the industry.

In terms of price, with the intensification of competition in the mobile phone market and the continuous launch of new products at the same price, the impact of the diversion of iPhone 11 is becoming more and more obvious. For this reason, the price has been on a downward trend. It is worth mentioning that it coincides with the recent 618 With the advent of the event, the iPhone 11 has dropped to the “clearance price” at full speed. At present, on the e-commerce platform, the 64G version of the iPhone 11 has dropped to 3799 yuan. Compared with the release price of 5499 yuan, the drop has reached a full 1,700 yuan, which can be called a freezing point , I have to say that in order to increase the sales of its own products, Apple has paid the money.

From the perspective of price alone, the price/performance ratio of the iPhone 11 after the big price cut has also been improved. Some netizens also said after understanding the big price cut of the iPhone 11: Not bad. It can be said that the iPhone 11 after the price cut has a certain appeal to some consumers. So to be honest, is the iPhone 11 still worth starting at this stage? The author believes that this issue should be viewed from multiple angles. First of all, from the Apple mobile phone camp, the iPhone 11 has a starting value. After all, at the current price, the iPhone 11 has no appearance, performance, and battery life except for the lack of 5G network elements. Outdated, if you value the IOS system more, iPhone11 is one of the options.

However, from the perspective of the entire industry, the starting value of the iPhone 11 is a bit general. You must know that there are many more cost-effective options at the same price, such as Xiaomi 11, OnePlus 8 Pro, iQOO7, etc., the comprehensive strength of these domestic Android models It is not inferior to the iPhone 11, and both support 5G networks. The price is also cheaper. In contrast, it should be a more cost-effective choice. Friends, what do you think of this? At the current price, do you think the iPhone 11 is worth starting? Welcome everyone to leave a message and exchange views with each other.