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The photographer Sichuan-Tibet self-driving: However, the fastest rider on the Sichuan-Tibet line only took seven days to take a good view of Wuhu Lake?


In mid-March 2021, I participated in a Sichuan-Tibet line photography group, starting from Chengdu to Nyingchi to shoot peach blossoms. It took 15 days and cost 16,800. The content of this article is the seventh day of the itinerary.

When we arrive at Ranwu Lake, we are not far from Bomi and Nyingchi where we are going. I have been here twice and stayed twice. The altitude is close to 4000 meters, and I still feel a little uncomfortable.

In addition, the weather was a bit cold and I didn’t sleep well all night, but I got up at 6:30 in the morning and went to shoot. As a result, the ideal picture was taken today. 1. Ran Wuhu encounters good weather, it is enjoyable to shoot. I used to shoot at Ranwu Lake on Line 318, but this time Lao Xu took us to the upper reaches and left Line 318. This is a canyon, but the water surface is a little frozen. The surrounding mountain peaks, because it has snowed in the past few days, are completely covered with special beauty. In the night, everyone was looking for a shooting location, but they were all limited to a small hillside, but the front was completely covered by ice, and the reflection of the water could not be captured. I simply walked forward by myself and walked a long way down to the bottom of the ditch, where I could be close to the surface of the water, and there was melting ice water on the shore, and the reflection of the water surface I wanted was available. In fact, the angle of photography is very important. Just like a person’s perspective, what you see and what you photograph will be different when you change the direction. So you can’t be lazy. Whether it’s behavior or thinking, you must always have your own ideas and discoveries. When entering Tibet this season, there seems to be a lot of fog. The photos taken these days are not ideal. Today, there are not only snowy mountains, sunshine, and transparent air. 2. Ranwuhu meets Buddhist worshippers and walks 50 kilometers a day I left Wuhu, not far from Linzhi. After the checkpoint, I stopped for lunch and had a bowl of rice noodles for 20 yuan. It felt like a long time ago. In fact, I have not left Yunnan for less than a month. While I was waiting, I first took pictures of the surrounding mountains and met two young people walking to Lhasa to worship Buddha. They said that they could walk 50 kilometers a day, and it would take more than ten days to get there… In fact, people on line 318 have their own goals and goals. Line 318 is not the starting point of life, nor the end of life. It is just a process in life, but the results of harvest may affect life for a long time. Whenever I see those who believe on the road, I always feel emotional. Perhaps, in their eyes, we are the people who have lost the way. 3. The accommodation in Bomi is overcrowded, stay here for three days Starting from Ranwu Lake, I arrived at Bomi in the afternoon, which was already overcrowded. Although the hotel we stayed in was booked early, there was still a lack of a room. Old Xu had to find another place, and I was living in the same room with another movie friend… However, the peach blossoms here have not yet reached their best season, and some are not flourishing and colorful. I went out to take a photo in the afternoon. Unfortunately, it was cloudy, the light was not good, and the shot was not bright, not the ideal scenery. Fortunately, I still have to live here for three days, and I still have the opportunity to shoot again tomorrow morning! 4. How much does it cost to eat a meal in Bomi, Tibet, the hottest tourist destination? Bomi, at this time, it can be called the hottest place to travel, not only is there a lot of tourists, but almost all the places where peach blossoms are in full bloom are overcrowded! The increase in tourists is the first manifestation of the pressure on accommodation. All hotels are full. If it is not booked early, the rooms are now at the top level. For example, the original room booked for 260 yuan has now risen directly to 600 yuan. The price of accommodation increases, so what is the price of food? This is the meal we ate in the evening, 16 people, two tables (double servings), a total of 836 yuan, 52 yuan per capita. how do you feel? In the most popular scenic spot… 5. How many days did the fastest person ride in Lhasa? Riding the Sichuan-Tibet line generally starts at Chengdu and ends at Lhasa. According to the standard time in the past, it is 28 days. Now, because the road is easy to walk, the speed is getting faster and faster without climbing. Since it is not the peak season for cycling, there are not many people who ride. When the summer vacation, those college students will be the mainstream on this road. However, because of the difference in human strength, the time taken is also long and short. I met two cyclists in the territory of Linzhi Bomi. One of them set off on the 5th and the other set off on the 8th. They merged together. … Old Xu told me that the fastest record for this journey was 7 days. It was created by a Shanghainese. He was riding a road car and had complete logistics support. He rode all the way, and rested for a while when he was tired. Go to bed for a while and ride the rest of the time! The 7-day record has not been broken yet? Is it really? Later, I checked the information and found a great man named Sun Hui who was in the Eight Heavens Sichuan-Tibet Extreme Riding Challenge in 2019. The result is 6 days 00 hours 56 minutes . The total distance is 2,160 kilometers, with a total of 14 high mountains, and the highest altitude is more than 5,000 meters. Having won the championship for five consecutive times, K broke the record of 6 days, 9 hours and 50 minutes he set last year.