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Huawei reiterated that it did not make car concept stocks fell across the board


Every reporter: Liu Ling Every editor: Chen Junjie
Since Huawei announced its entry into the smart car industry, its every move has been a hot spot in the market.

On May 19, there were media reports that Huawei was trying to acquire the electric vehicle division of local automakers, including seeking to control the electric vehicle brand of BAIC Blue Valley New Energy Technology-Arcfox ARCFOX. And just the day before, Huawei just announced new personnel adjustments and appointed Yu Chengdong as the CEO of BU, a smart car solution. Therefore, as soon as the news of Huawei’s stake in BAIC Jihu came out, the outside world was speculating whether this was the first “fire” after Yu Chengdong took office. However, Huawei quickly refuted the rumors and said there was no such incident. On May 24, Huawei issued a “Statement on Huawei Not Building Cars” (hereinafter referred to as the “Statement”) stating, “The company spokesperson has repeatedly clarified the false rumors about Huawei building cars. Today, we To reiterate: Huawei does not build cars. This long-term strategy has been made clear in 2018, and nothing has changed.” Data source: Dongcai Choice, China Automobile Association, IDC Yang Jing drawing Huawei quickly refutes rumors Huawei stated in the “Statement”: “We believe that what the industry needs is not Huawei branded cars, but Huawei’s accumulated ICT technology capabilities for more than 30 years to help car companies build future-oriented cars, that is, to provide car companies with Intelligent networked auto parts based on Huawei’s ICT capabilities.” In fact, Huawei has repeatedly stated its position in public on the issue of “Huawei does not build cars.” At the Huawei 2020 performance conference on March 31 this year, Hu Hou, then Huawei’s rotating chairman, said in response to a reporter’s question that Huawei is positioned as a supplier of smart auto parts in the Internet of Vehicles, car cloud, smart driving and other fields. To make competitive products, the goal is to help auto companies “build good” cars and build “good cars.” Subsequently, at the Huawei Global Analyst Conference on April 12, Huawei’s rotating chairman Xu Zhijun reiterated that “Huawei does not build cars.” He said frankly that Huawei had talked with many large automakers in Japan, Germany, and China before, and found that what they needed was not a Huawei brand car, but Huawei’s ICT software capabilities, which could help them build and sell good cars. At that time, Xu Zhijun revealed that Huawei had selected three car companies, BAIC, Changan and Guangzhou Automobile, as strategic partners to support them in building their respective sub-brands. Cars that use Huawei’s autonomous driving solution can only use the HI logo with Huawei’s authorization, which represents Huawei Inside. In terms of car sales, Huawei chose to cooperate with Jinconcelis, a subsidiary of Chongqing Xiaokang Group. Huawei stated in the “Statement” that in this cooperation, Huawei has become a supplier of electric components for Cyrus SF5 and HiCar cockpit components. At the same time, in order to solve the problem of survival of Huawei authorized mobile phone retail stores in the case of a significant reduction in Huawei mobile phones, Huawei is supporting some retail stores to sell this car, and retail stores can obtain corresponding revenue. Xu Zhijun said bluntly that the automobile industry is one of the most disruptive industries in the next decade, and it is also the business that Huawei currently values ​​most. “There are 30 million vehicles in China each year, and there will be more in the future. Even if we only do the Chinese market, it is enough to get an average income of 10,000 yuan from each vehicle each year. Therefore, after media reports on May 19 that Huawei was trying to acquire the electric vehicle division of a local automaker, including seeking to control the electric vehicle brand of BAIC Blue Valley New Energy Technology-Arcfox ARCFOX, Huawei quickly refuted the rumors, saying that there was no such thing. thing. Huawei’s auto concept stocks fell across the board After Xu Zhijun announced that Huawei would cooperate with BAIC, Changan and GAC, the stock prices of BAIC Blue Valley, Changan Automobile and GAC Group rose sharply. Among them, the cooperation between Huawei and BAIC was the first to be exposed. On April 6, the official Weibo of Huawei Smart Car Solutions released a dynamic, showing that Huawei and Jihu Automobile will release a new generation of smart luxury pure electric cars on April 17th-Alpha S, the official Weibo of Jihu Automobile Simultaneously published an article called “See you in Shanghai. It is understood that the Polar Fox Alpha S Huawei HI version is the first luxury smart electric car with the HI logo. It has the highest level of Huawei’s automatic driving level. It is equipped with a super central supercomputing ADCSC, 3 lidars and many sensors. On the second day (April 18) that Huawei cooperated with BAIC to launch the Alpha S Huawei HI version, Huawei released the “Octopus” autonomous driving platform and other car and machine products. On April 21, Huawei further announced its participation in the downstream sales of Cyrus. Cyrus Huawei Smart Selection SF5 will be stationed in the Huawei Mall and the Cyrus Experience Center. In addition, on April 23, Cyrus announced that Huawei’s smart selection SF5 has been sold for two days and orders have exceeded 3,000 units. Huawei’s intensive actions in the field of smart cars have almost led the hot spots of the entire automotive industry during this period. With the blessing of Huawei Automotive Concept, the stock prices of BAIC Blue Valley, Changan Automobile, Guangzhou Automobile Group, and Xiaokang have soared. At that time, there were rumors that Huawei might participate in BAIC Blue Valley or Xiaokang shares in the future. The capital market has been enthusiastic. Up to now, the share prices of BAIC Blue Valley and Xiaokang shares have doubled compared with the beginning of April. On May 24, Huawei’s “Statement” broke the speculation of the outside world. Emphasize that Huawei has not invested in any car companies so far. In the future, it will not invest in any auto companies, nor will it hold or participate in shares. Huawei said that all future talks about Huawei building cars or participating in the auto manufacturing industry are rumours and should not be trusted. As soon as this “Statement” came out, the “Huawei Auto” concept stocks fell across the board, and the decline further expanded in the afternoon. As of the close of May 24, BAIC Blue Valley and Changan Automobile have dropped their limits, while GAC Group and Dongfeng Motor have fallen by more than 4%. Daily economic news