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The original Liu Yifei challenged the princess to cut the shape, but the original face value of 100 points is now only 80 points left


Liu Yifei’s fairy temperament and beauty value have been recognized by the public. When you talk about Sister Shenxian or Sister Shenxian, you will unanimously think of Liu Yifei. Some netizens even said “I really don’t know what mistake she made in heaven”? She has successfully spoken for the fairy. But today, Liu Yifei spoke for Lu, challenged a completely different image from the fairy, and became a princess cut. But this new style really compromises her natural temperament!

First of all, the fairy’s forehead contour is quite beautiful, the facial features are exquisite, and the advantages are unique. But a princess cut her hair, covering her forehead and facial contours. Although the princess’s tailoring style is indifferent and elegant, it makes the fairy’s delicate facial features feel wasted, and the natural beauty completely loses its advantage.

In addition, Liu Yifei is born with a face value online, which is highly recognized and absolutely unique. However, the hair cut by the possessed princess was superfluous and made her lose her unique style. If you don’t look carefully, it is really possible to recognize her as Yang Mi at a glance. She was pretty in the first place, so her face value was sealed. Some netizens even think that Liu Yifei’s face value of 100 points is now only 80 points.

In addition to today’s princess cut style, Liu Yifei has also challenged many other styles, from the second-level pink hair, to the ancient purple jade, to the future female warrior, it is really a breakthrough from the previous fairy style. Liu Yifei’s challenging spirit is commendable, but from an aesthetic point of view, it is a pity that the fairy sister’s beauty has been lost. The beauty of this flourishing age is hidden outside the true beauty, only Xiao Xiao’s feeling.

Look at the TV series “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” by Liu Yifei. The little dragon girl in the show has beautiful hair, white hair, big eyes and aura, fresh and white cheeks, and a long skirt. Show Liu Yifei’s exquisite beauty to the extreme.

The trailer of “Menghualu” recently released has not yet been broadcast, and it has attracted numerous attentions. Inside, Liu Yifei’s bun was curled up high, her nose was raised high, and her smile was raised, showing a fairy spirit, which truly restored Liu Yifei’s true beauty.

It seems that Liu Yifei with exquisite features is more beautiful, smarter and more refined. Her fairy temperament may not really suit the cool style.

I don’t know what Liu Yifei’s next look will be.