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The original Liu Yifei’s nine top magazines are too ostentatious!Tang Yan is more beautiful and more powerful in red skirt and shirt


As the only fairy sister in everyone’s mind, Liu Yifei is an online shark with a face value. Even if she was a little fat at the event some time ago, she still looks beautiful. In the latest fashion magazines shot, she drove a variety of styles, perfectly interpreting the elegant fashion goddess. She wears a white T with a spliced ​​jacket, prints trousers on her lower body, and boots on her feet without turning over. Instead, it gives a playful beauty.

  1. T-shirt + spliced ​​jacket + printed trousers + boots
    Keywords: sweetness, age reduction; sports fan
    White T, as a simple fashion item, shows a refreshing and playful appearance, as long as it is matched well, it can deduce a playful girly feeling; Liu Yifei chooses blue, pink and white and other colors to be stitched together, and the colors alone look dazzling The color is rich, but for most of us, this gorgeous color clothing should be worn as little as possible, otherwise it will be easy to overturn, resulting in a fancy and old-fashioned visual sense. With the printed trousers, it contrasts with the upper itself, and the feet are stepped on the long tube. The boots add sassy and domineering, this neutral style is still deduced a sweet fan.
    Sleeveless striped shirt + short style + peas shoes
    Keywords: striped elements; missing bottoms; retro

Off-season wear is generally rarely seen in daily life, but this kind of off-season collocation is good, but it will trigger the anti-season trend. Little fairies who want to get off-season wear style must not miss it. But when I saw the long sweater, I didn’t dare to encounter this kind of outfit in the summer, but the sleeveless design adds a refreshing and fashionable style, which is good to soothe the summer heat; the striped elements are classic and retro, combined The three colors of black, white and gray are classic, versatile and outdated, giving fashion ladies a fan. Missing under clothes is also the most everyday thing to wear in summer. If you want to wear bright spots on the bottom of the street, then you must not miss the small details; missing under clothes generally follow the “upper pine and lower tight” matching pattern, so that you can Cover up the flesh of the upper body, give it a random fan, and can well show the superior comic legs; plus peas shoes and stockings, this can modify the leg lines, and can show a cute and cute fan, which can be described as a celebrity style. Exclusive. 2. Turtleneck sweater + printed jacket + wide leg pants + Martin boots Keywords: fresh; sports fan; domineering For collocation, it is not a blind pursuit to wear all colors on the body, but to combine them in the simplest style. If you want to get a fresh style, then green and blue are all colors that cannot be missed; green is given It is fresh and sweet, adding a playful girl, but when matching, there is no superior swan neck, try this kind of high-necked dress as little as possible, otherwise it will appear to have no neck and give a bloated feeling. Although Liu Yifei’s figure is more than the Panasonic model, but the waist is in the waist mode, which can not only outline the waistline, but also create a sporty style, showing youth and playfulness; wearing wide-leg pants on the lower body is able to Modify the leg lines to show a superior body proportion. Three, shirt + pettiskirt The collocation of the shirt and the puffy skirt creates a retro and refreshing look. This pure white color highlights the cleanliness, and the puffy skirt highlights the retro and Disney princess aura. This kind of waist can outline her slenderness. The small waist, creating a fashion goddess fan, but this kind of lantern sleeves is not suitable for small fairies with big skeletons, otherwise it will easily cause a sense of bloat. Fourth, red tulle feather skirt + long boots Keywords: bright and beautiful atmosphere; fairy fan When seeing this group of shapes, the whole person is bright and gorgeous, red is to give a bright atmosphere, and can highlight the retro fashion style, but the combination of tulle and feather elements gives a more stylish look. Many fairy fans, stepping on their boots to show the Queen of Cool Sa, this set of styles are a bit of a collision with Tang Yan’s style at the front end, but Liu Yifei is more glamorous, and Tang Yan looks even sweeter. Disclaimer: The text is original, the picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, contact to delete. Plagiarism is prohibited, offenders must be investigated! Text/Sky Bird