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The original Omega has no “constellation” fragrance? Listen to what these three teachers say!


During this period of time, new watches of major brands have emerged one after another. On the one hand, spring was originally the “peak season” for the release of new watches. On the other hand, with the arrival of the “Watches and Miracles” Haute Horlogerie Exhibition, major brands naturally blossomed. However, there are still some watch brands that have not participated in the “Watches and Miracles” high-end watch exhibition, Swatch Group is one of them. The reason is actually not difficult to examine. The Swatch Group and Richemont Group have a competitive relationship, and the “Watches and Miracles” Haute Horlogerie Exhibition is an exhibition led by Richemont Group.

This year, as the “top brand” of the Swatch Group, Omega has been the first to launch a number of new products, such as the new generation of moonwatches, the new Haima 300, and the De Flying Classic. Many of everyone’s concerns are naturally placed on the new products, but Mr. Jin said that these new products are not the “constellation” fragrance launched last year. On the topic of this issue, we still invited three teachers to talk about their views on Omega’s “constellation”.

Teacher Jin, who is always required to write original soft articles for free, said:

I still remember that last year, Omega put a lot of advertisements for the new constellation, and one of the “Blue Gold Constellation” advertisements had the deepest impression. In my impression, Omega’s constellation was originally mainly for selling women’s watches. Men who choose Omega are usually Seamaster, Speedmaster, and even De Ville. They rarely consider the constellation series. To talk about the reason, I think the style of the constellation is a bit strange, it’s not considered sports or formal wear. Nowadays, the new constellation has clearly found this balance point, grasping the heat of sports and formal wear just right. To say it must be a bit exaggerated, but it must be better than the old one.

Teacher Qi, who is always ready to change jobs and has no girlfriend, said:

It is said that Omega is a brand with a lot of watches. In fact, when you open the official website, you will find that Omega actually only has four series: Constellation, Seamaster, Speedmaster, and De Ville. Among them, there are nearly 200 models of Constellation watches on the official website. No wonder some people would say that Omega can sell thousands of watches. From the perspective of online attention, Haima and Speedmaster are obviously higher. The reason is very simple. These watches are more sporty and more popular with young consumers, and public opinion on the Internet has become more popular.

When talking about constellations nowadays, most people can think of are the constellation Manhattan. At present, the main sales of the constellation series also come from the constellation Manhattan. The constellation Manhattan is naturally synonymous with the constellation series. For some old watch friends, some still call the constellation the constellation Manhattan. The iconic designs of the constellation Manhattan, such as the four paws and the outer ring of Roman numerals, are still highly recognizable. Here, it is obviously not important to wonder whether it is designed by Master Zunda. The new constellation is indeed younger and better-looking, and this is more important. Face value is justice, buy it if you like it!

Teacher Qiu, who is always told to work with you again next year, said:

The “Blue Gold Constellation” mentioned by Mr. Jin is really amazing, but this all-precious metal version (model: is expensive, with a public price of 172,300 yuan, and there are many choices at the same price. If you want to choose a formal watch, most of the basic functional gold watches of the top luxury brands can be bought. If you want to choose a sports watch, most of the Rolex steel watches can be bought, even Vacheron Constantin, one of the “three steel kings”, can also be used. From this point of view, with Omega’s brand power, the public price of 170,000 early is very difficult.

Compared with the expensive price of the all-precious metal version, the blue inter-gold model of the Omega Constellation (model: has a public price of 70,500 yuan, which is more cost-effective. The case is made of stainless steel, which is made of Sedna 18K gold in details such as the claws, the handle, the hands, the hour markers, the Omega LOGO, the six o’clock star logo, and other details. This combination of stainless steel, blue ceramic, and Sedna 18K gold is indeed a very distinctive beauty.

In addition, the strap of the constellation is also very distinctive, the inner layer is a rubber strap, and the outer layer is leather. In the watch industry, the brand that operates in this way is Hublot, which is very popular among young consumers for its fusion and innovation of materials. Omega’s innovation on the strap on the constellation can also be seen as an important change in youth. Just like what Mr. Jin said, today’s constellation positioning is obviously clearer, and there is a formal style in sports, which is really fragrant and can play!