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The original WeChat update, with 2 new features


On June 20th, Tencent officially released the WeChat PC client with version number 3.3.0, which brought browsing Moments and a new search function. The first function can turn the computer into a “fishing artifact” in seconds, and you can also browse the circle of friends during working hours. The second function shows the ambition of WeChat, bringing users a unique and excellent search experience.

After upgrading to the latest version of WeChat on the computer, you can see the “Circle of Friends” icon on the left after logging in to your account. Click the “Circle of Friends” icon to browse your own circle of friends on the computer. Through personal testing, we know that the Moments page supports the front-end top function, the left side is the message and refresh buttons, and the right side is the top, minimize and close buttons. The Moments page cannot be viewed in full screen for the time being, the page width remains unchanged, and the length can be adjusted freely within a certain range.
When browsing Moments, videos and pictures can be entered on the full screen, and the shocking effect brought by the large screen does not require language to describe. Like the mobile terminal, you can like and comment in text emojis for your circle of friends. You can also slide the mouse wheel upwards on the Moments page to refresh. This operation is similar to the sliding and dragging of the finger on the phone or tablet.

Sou Yisou brings new functions and interfaces: the upper left corner of the page is the forward, back and refresh buttons, and the right is the top, minimize, maximize and close buttons. This is a completely streamlined browser. It can be seen from the page that the content that can be searched includes articles, emoticons, official accounts, mini programs and Moments, which are basically Tencent’s own traffic pools. When entering the search results page, the search results will be divided into 9 categories: in addition to the above 5 categories, four new categories have been added: video, encyclopedia, news, and Q&A. Through the personal test, we can see that there are still some bugs in the full-screen mode, such as zooming issues, unresponsive clicks, and other issues. I hope that we can continue to fix them in the future. The search results are mainly derived from Sogou and Tencent’s own content, which are Tencent’s exclusive advantages and have great competitiveness. Through these two upgrades, users can more easily browse and reply to Moments, which further enhances the user experience. The brand-new search function opens up a channel for users to search for exclusive WeChat content. Not only has it added a new way for users to obtain and read WeChat exclusive content, but it has also brought higher productivity in writing work. If you add a public search content port in the follow-up process, I believe Sou Yisou will become a search tool favored by more users. This may be one of WeChat’s ambitions. Qi Yan Ji Yu: Regarding the two new functions of WeChat, Qi Ji’s idea is this: Whether it is a computer browsing Moments or the new search function, it brings more convenience to users and makes it easier for users to use WeChat better. From the perspective of ordinary users, this upgrade of WeChat is quite good, and both new features are worthy of praise! Users who have a need for WeChat on the computer side may wish to try these two new features. I am Qi Ji, and the above are Qi Ji’s thoughts. It is not easy to create codewords. If you like, remember to follow Qi Ji’s ideas, you can also like, forward and comment. More interesting digital information is waiting for you to chat. The picture comes from the Internet, invaded and deleted!