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The original 35-year-old Zhang Xiaofei has a hot body!Wear a tube top skirt and show off your career line, sitting barefoot and charming


Recently, Zhang Xiaofei appeared at the Shanghai International Film Festival Media Awards Ceremony, and his outfit was particularly stunning.

In the photo, Zhang Xiaofei wore a tube top and white long skirt, her curled hair highlighted her delicate collarbone, her skin was white and her figure was slender, and her pink makeup made her pure and energetic. She curled up in the corner of the sofa and languidly. Zhang Xiaofei slightly covered his career line with his hands, his eyes were pure and lusty.
In one of them, Zhang Xiaofei was lying horizontally with one hand raised, showing the perfect line of his arm, his eyes were soft and sonorous, and a mole on his chest was particularly eye-catching.
There is also one, Zhang Xiaofei turned his back to the camera, showing the back design of the dress skirt. The big halter is full of style and sexy, and the bow adds some youthful tenderness. Zhang Xiaofei looked back slightly, with a strong sense of atmosphere.

The official also posted a black and white photo of Zhang Xiaofei sitting on the ground with bare feet naughty, hands on hips like a tsundere little princess, with a cute and funny grin, which makes people can’t help being attracted. In this grand ceremony, Zhang Xiaofei was fortunate enough to win the “Most Media Concerned Actress” award, and posted a set of photos receiving the award afterwards. Holding the trophy, she lowered her head and smiled shyly, and posted a message saying “Thank you for your recognition, and will continue to work hard and live up to your attention.” A few days ago, on a movie night, Zhang Xiaofei also won the Most Popular Actress Award for “Hello Li Huanying”, and her speech was also very EQ-“Thank Huanying for making me welcome”, which gave netizens a boost. A wave of goodwill. “Hello, Li Huanying” not only has Zhang Xiaofei won numerous awards, he has turned from an obscure comedian to a well-known first-line celebrity, and was even ridiculed by young people as “our mother”, and it has also increased her career resources suddenly. The first is fashion resources. From the fast fashion brand that appeared on the red carpet for several hundred dollars at the beginning, the international big names have successively thrown out olive branches, and even famous makeup artists are serving them. In the past, Jia Ling took her to the event, but no seat was arranged for her on the spot. The staff were just busy taking care of the popularity. No one except Jia Ling was able to speak for her at the scene, and Zhang Xiaofei looked embarrassed. After a movie night, Zhang Xiaofei was directly arranged in the second row. On the left is good sister Jia Ling, and on the right is the only one with the highest box office in China, Shen Teng. In the same row are Deng Chao, Sun Li, Huang Xiaoming and others are enough to show how much the organizers attach importance to it. In terms of career, in April this year, Li Bingbing’s media company announced on the social platform that it had reached a strategic partnership with Zhang Xiaofei as an artist in the business sector, which means that Zhang Xiaofei has a solid “backing” besides Jia Ling. Some time ago, there was news that Zhang Xiaofei was about to star in the movie “Xue Dad” with Huang Lei. You know, Huang Bo is responsible for quality even if it is not a box office guarantee in the film and television industry. If it is true, Zhang Xiaofei may usher in the second peak of his career. But in the final analysis, these are all earned by Zhang Xiaofei, not good luck or help from noble people. If her acting skills were not outstanding, “Hello, Li Huanying” would not have been liked by so many people. Before the age of 35, Zhang Xiaofei could be said to have been cold-eyed and stumbled all the way, but fortunately, she finally came out of suffering and was truly seen. I hope she will have better development in the future