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The seaside city that has been underestimated for too long, is South Korea across the sea, and its seafood is more exciting than Qingdao!


If you can only travel to one destination in summer, I think many people will say without hesitation: the seaside! When summer arrives, whether it is an island or a seaside city, it will always be a hot spot. Sanya, Zhoushan and other places are even more “people follow the crowd”, and hotel tickets have skyrocketed, making them too expensive. [email protected] While Xiaofeijun was digging for a “high cost-effective domestic” seaside tour, a small Shandong town came into my sight, not Qingdao or Yantai, but Weihai, which is not often mentioned. Xiaohongshu “Tap Water” thought it was a small crowd here, but I didn’t expect a book to be searched, and a bunch of people used it as “tap water”. Rainbow fart is an exaggeration, almost thought that the local tourism bureau secretly voted for the promotion fee! @威海 Published The CCTV report carefully checked, and it turns out that there are not many titles at all! “China National Geographic” magazine evaluated it as “one of the eight most beautiful coasts in China”; was named “the most suitable place for human living” by the United Nations, and won the “Habitat Award” and “Excellent Tourist City Award” several times; more recently Even the father of CCTV released the “A Thousand Miles of Mountains and Seas Weihai Self-driving Tour Highway”, crazy Amway everyone to travel;… Xiaohongshu @Bumble| Different from the luxury of Sanya and the art of Zhoushan, Weihai feels like it comes with an animation-like fairy tale filter. At the end of the road is the blue sea, fresh urban scenery, and even the air is filled with the refreshing smell of sea salt soda. It is also the birthplace of Shandong cuisine. All the delicacies are unique, and a single slice of Spanish mackerel dumpling has conquered the stomachs of countless picky foodies. What’s even more amazing is that it is actually the closest seaside city to South Korea in China. The streets are full of authentic Korean food, marinated spicy cabbage, hot ramen…If you want to eat Korean food, you don’t need to go abroad. Xiaohongshu @大嘴 But the most charming thing about Weihai is its natural healing temperament. In summer, the average temperature is only 25°, surrounded by the sea on three sides, surrounded by 270° seascape, the sea breeze will always gently brush your face, the oil painting-like architecture, you will feel like you are walking in a summer festival wherever you walk. Xiaohongshu @大嘴静The low-key Weihai is not well-known, low-priced, and not fast-paced. It is suitable for the hot summer everywhere. Take a good look at it. Look at the beautiful scenery of the sea like an oil painting from another angle / Na Xianghai / @Sasaking “Treading the waves and chasing the sand” For Weihai people who grew up by the sea, it is as common as going for a walk downstairs to digest food. Weihai, which is surrounded by the sea on three sides, has never lacked high-quality natural sea ice baths, and the Xianghai with the “Oriental Maldives” is one of them. It has 16 kilometers of coastline and 2.5 kilometers of diamond sand beach. The sea area is clean and the sand is soft and golden under the light. It comes with Xin Haicheng animation filter. @那香海 Especially for people like me who love to take pictures, that Xianghai is definitely worth it. The first thing that went out of the circle was the minimalist triangular wooden house by the sea. The entire beach is contracted by one person, and a quick shot is the cover of the magazine. It is recommended to wear small and fresh style clothes to make the film easier. @图虫创意 also has a stunning view, a gentle and beautiful windmill sunset at twilight. The sun slowly fell into the sea, and the warm orange afterglow smudged the sea and windmills into a warm painting, super healing. Countless photographers have been impressed by the beauty of Xianghai, which has become an excellent shooting paradise in everyone’s mind. / Weihai Park / @图虫创意小飞君 prefers everything with a scent of fireworks, the little tabby cat who loves to drill the grass, the old man who walks in slippers, and the cute human cubs playing with bubbles. The seemingly ordinary park at the door of my house is the most memorable place in my memory after leaving home. @图虫创意 In the old photo album of Weihai people, there is probably a photo of Weihai Window. The giant framed building permanently freezes the most beautiful scenery in the photo. It is not only a must-check point for out-of-town tourists, but also a favorite place to hang out in Weihai. In addition to the iconic framed building, [email protected]幻想家大宋 also has a small group of stone pillars in the park. Although it is relatively hidden, it is unexpectedly very large. At the end of the stone forest is the sea, which is quite large for the cover of a geography magazine. feel. If you come to Weihai, you must go to the park. The park by the sea is really comfortable. Tips: Most of the parks in Weihai are connected. Generally, the route for local people to visit the park is Xingfu Park-Weihai Park-Sea Park. It takes half a day to be a leisurely Weihai native. / Chengshantou / @迷途的小柒成山头 is the easternmost place of my country’s coastline, and it is also known as the place where the earliest sunrise on the sea of ​​China. Many people travel early to watch the sunrise. At the end of the sky, waiting for the first orange light to break, the whole world is calm. Compared with the well-known sunrise viewing spots, there are relatively fewer people who come to Chengshantou. Here, the sound of healing waves accompanied the sunrise, not the sound of shutters. There was not much exclamation, only one cloud after another that was gradually dyed red, and the gentle tones had already captured the hearts of travelers. The sun shone on the sea, shimmering, and a local fishing boat strayed in, breaking the tranquility at the moment, but unexpectedly constituted a beautiful seascape. Coming from the light and shadow will disappear in the light and shadow. @迷途的小柒 After watching the sunrise, strolling on the coastal plank road, every step is accompanied by the blue ocean scenery, every frame of the picture in my eyes is so moving, making people linger. / Sea Donkey Island / 2 nautical miles from Chengshantou, there is a “Xianshan Bird Island”-Hailu Island. It is said to be named because the island is like a “donkey” lying on the waves and watching the sea. Obviously “Xianshan Bird Island” is more poetic, but the local fishermen stubbornly prefer “Sea Donkey Island”, a wild native name. [email protected] The small islands surrounded by cliffs are a good habitat and breeding ground for seabirds. There are less than 3,000 yellow-billed egrets in the world, and there are more than 1,000 on Hailu Island. It can be seen that the ecological environment of the island is very good. When you set foot in this area, tens of millions of seabirds flew over and hovered in the sky, seeming to greet you. Such a grand scene is rare elsewhere. [email protected] For ecological protection, the Weihai government temporarily does not allow bird watching on the island, but can only travel around the island. The seabirds will follow the ship all the time, and even fly side by side with the tourists on the splint on the sea. This is a scene that can only be found in anime. Although the truth is attracted by food, this feeling of being in harmony with nature is super wonderful. The new way of clocking in the small town to bid farewell to the boring and sultry summer / Huanhai Road / @ Steam Male Wen Chuan Weihai people’s unique way of hospitality is to take her to Huanhai Road. This road is built along the coast of the mountain. The left hand is the towering mountain and the right hand is the blue sea. The romance between the mountains and the sea is all given to Huanhai Road. Looking out from the car window, the eyes are full of azure blue, quite eye-catching! Compared to driving, Xiao Feijun prefers to ride around the island. In the evening, there is no sun as it does during the day. The gray-blue sky and the sea are more tranquil. When the sea breeze blows, the whole person relaxes. Stop to admire the scenery you like, and never get tired of the beautiful scenery along the way. / Little Rock Island / @图虫创意环海路The end of the road is Xiaoshidao. Arriving at sunset happens to be able to enjoy the beautiful sunset on the sea. The warm orange light diffuses on the sea level through the clouds, and the sky and the ocean in the cool colors are instantly smudged into warm colors. Abandoned fishing boats, soft sandy beaches, and people rushing to the sea form a gentle picture, everything is just perfect. Regarding Xiaoshidao rushing to the sea, please be sure to watch the tide table in advance, or you will just go for nothing. Tips: The tide table is available in Baidu. It is recommended to go during the high tide to get more seafood. / Maotou Mountain / @图虫创意 In Weihai, if you want to choose a place where you can watch the sea and climb the mountain for exercise, it must be Maotou Mountain. It is named because it looks like a cute “cat head” from a distance. Standing on the No. 2 viewing platform, you can see the whole picture of “cat head”. The angle and field of view are the best. The biggest feeling of Maotou Mountain on the rocky rock is that it is steep. After years of erosion and blow by waves, the edges connected to the sea are all exposed rock cliffs, forming a unique sea-eroded landform. Compared with the romantic beach, the rugged reef is more rough, and you can feel the power of the sea even more. The only thing to complain about is that the sea breeze is too strong, so you must bring an extra coat. / Seaweed House / @甜味少女 Located in the Jinshiwan Art Park, these seaweed houses seem to have come out of a fairy tale book, which can be loved and dreamy. In fact, the seaweed house is a typical representative of the ancient houses in Jiaodong. In ancient times, the walls were built with a mixture of stones and masonry, and seaweed was used as the top. The fluffy grass texture looks like a blanket over the house from a distance, which harmonizes the rigidity of the stone building. Just watching it quietly makes me feel very comfortable. It is said that the seaweed house is famous for being warm in winter and cool in summer. It integrates beauty and comfort, which makes people want to be close. When the weather is good, it seems to have strayed into Hayao Miyazaki’s animation world. Every frame is so beautiful that it doesn’t look like a human thing. Impressive small town delicacy Come here, remember to bring an extra stomach / Bayu dumplings / Weihai cuisine with the aura of Shandong cuisine can be described as a paradise for foodies and a feast for gluttons. Among them, the famous Huadan Spanish mackerel dumplings must be tasted, which is simply the “top class” in the dumpling class. Not only is it popular in Shandong, Xiao Feijun, who is far inland, has been greedy for a long, long time. Fresh mackerel meat is chopped and stuffed with pork belly, and leeks are made into dumplings. The skin is thin and there are many fillings, which are delicious and juicy. The flavor is better when dipped in vinegar and garlic. It is full of “smelt of the sea” after one bite, and it is extremely fragrant. No wonder a little dumpling can be rated as China’s gold tourist snack. This is the greedy hometown delicacy of every stranger in Weihai. / Seafood feast / Although it is the fishing moratorium and the quantity of seafood has decreased, this does not affect the enthusiasm of the people in Weihai for seafood. After all, it is a seaside city, and the most important thing is seafood. Every day, the aquatic product market is full of parallel imports, and it looks delicious at the first glance. The most important thing is that the portion is sufficient and the price is affordable. Clams, sea cucumbers, prawns, yellow croaker, razor clams, etc. are all classic seafood that often appear on the dinner table of fishermen. Whether it is steamed or stir-fried, it is very delicious. Xiao Feijun recommends choosing the ingredients at the pier or seafood market, and then going to the nearby small restaurant to process it. You can believe the craftsmanship of these fly restaurants. A few hundred dollars for a table of seafood is still very cool. / Mother hand / Sources of pictures and the Internet It is well known that Weihai’s catering industry has Korean food in addition to seafood. As the closest city to South Korea, the Korean food here is super authentic, and many of the shopkeepers are Koreans. You can check in a variety of Korean dishes without going abroad. It is a happy planet for Korean food lovers. The first Korean restaurant for Mom’s Hand is the first Korean restaurant that a local friend took me to eat. There are shops near Shanda and Harbin Institute of Technology. Since it is located near the school and is mainly engaged in student business, the price/performance ratio here is not bad. But you have to go early to line up, otherwise it will be full. [email protected]’s signature dishes are spicy chicken feet and Korean braised chicken, which are basically ordered at every table. Spicy chicken feet are soft and waxy and easy to remove the bones. The meat will come down with a light squeeze. It is full of gelatin and a mouthful of slimy. The Korean-style braised chicken is very generous, with potatoes, vermicelli, carrots and chicken inside. The ingredients are stewed soft and delicious, and the soup is a magical tool for serving rice. [email protected] The overall taste of this store is a little bit sweet, and those who love sweet taste will definitely like it. / Han Xiangfu spine soup pot / [email protected] Before going to Weihai, Xiaofeijun thought that Korean cuisine only had fried chicken, stone pot and kimchi. Unexpectedly, the hottest Korean cuisine in Weihai turned out to be spine soup. This restaurant has a public rating of 4.8, ranking first in Weihai hot pot rankings. I believe that the eyes of the masses cannot be wrong. Xiaohongshu @RaRa Xiaofeijun ordered the seafood spine soup, which is actually a bit like a lamb scorpion hot pot, but it is made from beef spine and seafood, so it is more delicious. The soft spine is soaked in the soup, and it has a slight taste of Korean hot sauce. It is worth a try. In addition to the spine soup, soft rice intestines and refreshing cold noodles are good, and no loss is the number one. I should go to the beach in the summer, walking barefoot on the soft beach, holding slippers and walking around with the sunset. It’s really healing. This summer, you might as well come to this small city to escape the heat, Weihai will definitely not let you down-The End-