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The seaside city that has been underestimated for too long, is South Korea across the sea, and its seafood is more exciting than Qingdao!


If you can only travel to one destination in summer, I think many people will say without hesitation: seaside! When summer arrives, whether it is an island or a seaside city, it will always be a hot spot. “China National Geographic” magazine evaluated it as “one of the eight most beautiful coasts in China”; it was named “the most suitable place for human habitation” by the United Nations, and it has won the “Habitat Award” and “Excellent Tourist City Award” several times; more recently Even CCTV has released the “Thousand Miles of Mountains and Seas Weihai Self-driving Tour Highway”, crazy Amway everyone to travel; this place is Rongcheng Good Luck Corner!

Fresh urban scenery,

Even the air is filled with the refreshing smell of sea salt soda.

The magic is that here is The coastal city closest to Korea in the country.

The most fascinating thing about the corner of good luck is its natural “healing temperament”.

“Treading the waves and chasing the sand” is as common as walking downstairs to digest food for people who grew up on the beach.

The Cape of Good Luck, which is surrounded by the sea on three sides, never lacks high-quality natural bathing beaches, and the Fragrant Sea with the “Oriental Maldives” is one of them.

It has 16 kilometers of coastline and 2.5 kilometers of diamond sand beaches. The sea area is clean and soft with sand.

Glowing golden under the light, comes with Xin Haicheng animation filter, the sea breeze will always gently brush your face,

With the oil painting-like architecture, wherever you walk, you will feel that you are walking in a certain summer festival.

Chengshantou is the easternmost point of the Chinese mainland extending to the ocean, and is the first place to see the sunrise over the sea. Many people travel early to watch the sunrise, waiting for the first ray of sunshine at the end of the sky. The sunrise is accompanied by the healing sound of waves, not the sound of shutters. After watching the sunrise, strolling on the coastal plank road, every step is accompanied by the blue ocean scenery, every frame of the picture in my eyes is so moving and makes people linger.

The seaweed houses in the Jinshiwan Art Park are like walking out of a fairy tale book, which can be loved and dreamy. The seagrass house is a typical representative of the ancient dwellings in Jiaodong. With seagrass as the top, the fluffy grass texture looks like a blanket over the house from a distance, which harmonizes the rigidity of the stone building. It is said that the seaweed house is famous for being warm in winter and cool in summer. It combines beauty and comfort. It makes people want to get close. It seems to have strayed into Hayao Miyazaki’s animation world. Every frame of the picture is not as beautiful as the world. Things.

The delicacies here are all unique, impressive, delicious in the small town, remember to bring an extra stomach when you come here!

Fresh mackerel meat is chopped and stuffed with pork belly, and leeks are made into dumplings.

The skin is thin and there are many fillings, which are delicious and juicy. The flavor is better when dipped in vinegar and garlic.

It is full of “the taste of the sea” after a bite, and it is extremely fragrant, which is simply the “top class” of the dumpling class.

Crayfish is the best time to eat “crayfish” from June to August every year. The flesh is plump and full of meat. I don’t want to stop eating crayfish in summer. Boiled, mashed garlic, thirteen spices, spicy…No matter which flavor, I just want to say “Let go of that shrimp and let me come”!

The sea cucumber is cooked with green onions and has a delicate taste. This dish is not only a very common local dish, but also an excellent tonic. It has the characteristics of high protein and low fat, nourishes the yin and nourishes the kidney, and enhances the body’s immunity. There are many ways to use sea cucumbers to meet the different needs of tourists.

Braised prawns are tender and delicious, and are a common local dish. Put oil in the wok, then put the prawns, fry them until they are five years old and remove them. Leave the oil in the wok, add green onion and ginger to fry it for a fragrant flavor, add sugar, monosodium glutamate and other seasonings, roast for 5 minutes and pour the original juice on the prawns. Serve.

Fish pancakes, boiled fish at the bottom of the pan, pancakes on the side of the pan, golden cornmeal exudes a clear fragrance, soft and sweet, when the pan is opened, a fishy fragrance mixed with the fragrance of corn pancakes comes out, and the light smell makes people feel Can’t help but want to eat it quickly.

I should go to the beach in summer,

Stepping barefoot on the soft sand,

Follow the sunset with slippers,

This summer, you might as well come to this small town to escape the heat.

Good luck corner will not let you down!