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The secret to choosing fresh lychee, thick pulp, not deep


If you do not want to buy hybrid lychee, too green or overripe lychee, old, fermented lychee, etc., immediately refer to the following way to choose delicious lychee, thick pulp and no head decay.

See the outer shell The easy way to know if the lychee is delicious or not is to observe the outer skin of the lychee. When buying, you should pay attention to choose bunches of fruits with flexible branches and fresh leaves, this is a sign of fresh lychees, recently picked. Illustration. On the contrary, you should ignore the bunches with wilted, easily broken or bruised branches because those are the fruits that have been picked for a long time or exposed to the sun for a long time, so the branches and bark are dry. Delicious and ripe lychee will have a pink-red skin, round fruits. The lychee fruit is usually smaller than the hybrid lychee (only about 70%), while the lychee fruit is larger, more elongated, and the color is also darker red. Ripe litchi until the spines will be smooth, the more thorns and sharper the thorns are, the greener the fabric will be. Do not choose litchi fruit with dark spots, black spots on the skin, especially on the stem because it is easy to encounter rotten or overripe fruit. Should choose bunches of fresh lychee, the branches stick to the fruit and the leaves are still green. Do not choose to buy bunches of lychee with dried, wilted, fragile branches or dried, no longer fresh leaves. Try it with your hands Fresh lychee to the touch will have elasticity, when pressed, you will feel the fruit is a bit soft but still firm. On the other hand, if you feel the hard lychee fruit, it is still green, and if you touch it soft but not elastic, the fruit is old or overripe. Illustration. Smell it Although the fragrance is not strong, the fabric still has a characteristic smell. Fresh lychee, when you smell it, you will see a light fragrance. If you smell the lychee fruit has a sour smell, a fermented smell, or a strange smell, you should not choose it because it is likely old or too old. Peel off test Try peeling any 1-2 lychees in the bunch. If the delicious lychee is peeled off, it will have: – The stem is white, not dark, not deep. – The peel is easy to peel, has a crunchy feel, a bit dry – Does not leak bile when peeling, the pulp is quite clear and looks succulent. If the peel is tough, the stem is dark, the molasses is high, and the pulp is not clear, the lychee may be overcooked or about to spoil. Illustration. Split the pulp, see the seeds After peeling, slowly try to separate the pulp. – The pulp is soft, clear white, succulent, when peeling, it begins to molasses, has a light aroma, the pulp is thick and easy to separate, the small seeds are delicious. – If you find it difficult to separate the seeds, the seeds are large, the pulp is pasty, the smell is bad or the smell is strange, you should not choose. Illustration. Size of lychee Vietnamese standard delicious lychee is a medium sized lychee, not as beautiful as a hybrid lychee. The lychee fruit is smaller, only 70% of the hybrid lychee. The fruit is round, slightly regular, while the lychee hybrid has large berry fruit, elongated body, large seeds, sour taste. Illustration. How to preserve lychee? – The lychee, after choosing to buy the freshest fruits, should be properly preserved to ensure that the nutrition of this fruit is not lost. – Accordingly, you need to wash all purchased fabrics, remove toxins and dirt on the skin as well as remove damaged, watery lychees to better preserve them. Next, you put it in the refrigerator, best preserved from 2 to 3 degrees C. When you want to eat, you will take out each bag to enjoy, so 3 weeks later you still have fresh lychees to eat. Illustration. – You can also store lychee in a cool place to avoid moisture, moisture, etc., but you should not store it for too long, it will damage the fabric and lose nutrients. Illustration. Lychee has a sweet taste, provides many vitamins and minerals for the body, but you should not eat too much. On average, a day should only eat 200-300 grams of lychee. Adults should only eat 5-10 fruits/time, children 3-4 times/time.