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The suspicious image of the pink iPhone 13 suddenly appeared on social networks, iFan around the world have to stay awake!


It seems that the iPhone 13 Pro Max this time is no longer a concept image!
Specifically, in the past few days, on Vietnamese and international social networks suddenly appeared images of a product believed to be iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, unlike previous times, this seems to be an iPhone in the flesh or at least a dummy (model).

This image almost completely coincides with the information and speculation so far. Besides, there is a special feature that will surely make the sisters fall in love, which is the extremely eye-catching pink color scheme of this iPhone. The image is said to be dummy of the upcoming iPhone 13 Pro Max model This iPhone 13 Pro Max first appeared on Weibo on June 1, then quickly received the attention of the Chinese online community, then spread to Twitter and quickly became a phenomenon on this social network. According to this model, we can see that the design of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is not too different from its predecessor 12 Pro Max with 2 flat glass front and back, promising to still use unique Ceramic Shield technology. rights as predecessors. The camera cluster also seems larger to accommodate upcoming upgrades. The biggest highlight that makes everyone admire is not from the striking pink back of this 13 Pro Max, but the glossy steel border, of course also pink, but looks “luxurious and smooth”. ” more. An image of the iPhone 13 Pro Max was posted on Twitter not long ago iPhone 13 Series is expected to be launched by Apple around September this year, if there is no impact from the global epidemic. According to leaked information, this will be a slight upgrade from the iPhone 12 series and will remain the same 4 versions as mini, standard, Pro and Pro Max. According to recent information from major technology sites, important components for this new iPhone line such as screens and processors have begun to be mass-produced by outsourcing firms to ensure power supply. supply products to Apple, despite the “thirst for chips” that has swept through and rattled the technology world since the beginning of the year. Photo: Twitter