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Those little-known niche tourist places around, each one is beautiful, now it’s not too late to know


Nowadays, tourism has become a kind of “just need” for everyone, and it is no longer a dispensable thing. No, just after coming back from the May 1st holiday, the neighbor’s family started to consolidate their plans-together with the four or five families in the same building, they planned to travel to Mount Tai in Shandong on the Dragon Boat Festival. Parents, elderly, and children together, at least 20 or 30 people. My family did not participate. The main reason is that Mount Tai is too famous and the attraction is too hot. It is a crime for the elderly and children to be crowded during holidays. Nowadays, people are all pursuing personalization, niche tourism, and customized tourism. Those small but beautiful “treasure-level” destinations are the most valuable. But when it comes to “niche travel destinations”, this is definitely a proposition that is both “broad” and “precise”. Almost everyone can name a few remote travel destinations that are not well-known, but if you add the “treasure class” I am afraid that the requirements are rare, and most of the answers do not meet this requirement. I think “treasure-level travel destinations” represent “special needs”, “super high value” and “super high value of travel experience”. Here, I would like to offer you three choices. If you think my recommendation is not reliable, welcome to comment or provide some more valuable clues in the comment area below. Not much to say, the first recommended “treasure-level” niche tourist destination is located in Tacheng Town, Weixi Autonomous County, Diqing Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan, named Songzan Tower City. When I came back from the Yunnan-Tibet line by car three years ago, I passed by here and was instantly conquered by her. Songtsam Tower City gives me the feeling of idyllic existence, ethereal and elegant, and not disturbed by the outside world. I am afraid that those literary and artistic travelers and high-end travelers who truly understand nature will be moved by her instantly. Tips: Surrounding attractions: Wenfeng Temple (ticket 15 yuan/person), Shigu Town, the First Bay of the Yangtze River, and Weixi Tacheng Yunnan Golden Monkey Sanctuary (ticket 100 yuan/person). The second place is located in Dawa District, Panjin City, Liaoning Province. Many people don’t know that this is called the “Crab Capital of Northern China”, let alone the most spectacular natural “Red Beach” in China. It is not a hot tourist destination, and the number of people who visit here every year is not concentrated. However, Dawa District is an ideal place for real food tourists, romantic tourists and sentimental travel enthusiasts: the natural wonders of Red Beach, rice field crabs, and Panjin Educated Youth Headquarters theme homestay are the “three treasures” of Dawa District. A “treasure” is not recognized by the mass tourists. Tips: Red Beach National Scenic Corridor, the ticket is 120 yuan/person, and tourists’ vehicles are not allowed to enter the corridor sightseeing highway and need to take a sightseeing battery car. The third treasure niche tourist destination I recommend is actually a self-driving route. It is located at the junction of Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, near the side of Huangshan City. It is called “Xin’an River Landscape Gallery” because of its full length. It is fifty or sixty kilometers away, so it is also called “Baili Landscape Gallery”. Specifically from Shendu Town in She County-Kengkou Township-Xiongcun Town-Tunxi Old Street. This self-driving tour route is not long, about 60 kilometers, but the whole journey is along the waterway of Xin’an River. There are beautiful natural landscapes along the way, especially in the spring season when rape blossoms are in full bloom. Quiet and beautiful feeling! Because this self-driving tour route is very remote, there are really too few self-driving tourists who can take this road (there are highways nearby, and generally self-driving tourists going to and from Huangshan area will take the high speed, ignoring the provincial and national roads). Self-driving on the undulating mountain road will give people the greatest pleasure of traveling by car and experience the elegant artistic conception of the “natural landscape gallery”. Tips: Self-driving tourists can go sightseeing along this recommended route and enjoy the charming scenery along the Xin’an River. If you feel that it is not fun enough, you can also abandon your car and board the boat and take a small wooden boat to enjoy the Xin’an River. There will be some beautiful small villages around the pier. These are the three treasure-level niche travel destinations that I want to share with you. Each of them meets the characteristics of “less known”, “huge potential” and “super aesthetic experience value”. If you do not have an ideal travel plan before the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, you may wish to consider these three recommendations. So what does the “treasure-level niche tourist destination” in your mind look like? Is there a treasure-level niche travel destination that you can share with you?