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Three thousand yuan per capita, driving all over the Northwest, an article tells you how I did it


God has a special liking for the magnificent northwest, which makes this treasure land with thousands of beautiful scenery all in one place. In the summer, the Northwest has become a popular destination in China. Since June, most of the circle of friends has been refreshing~ Someone once said, “Even if you travel all over the world, you are still a Northwest China.” There are so many reasons to go here– You can break into the Qaidam Basin, drive across the Gobi Highway, walk into the Hoh Xil Wasteland, and climb over the Kunlun Mountain Pass; Encounter the half-blue and half-green natural landscape of the two-color lake “Xitai Jinel Lake” and the Dongtai Jinel Lake in the “Maldives” of Qinghai; Appreciate the thrilling beauty of “China’s Route 66”, any shot is a blockbuster with a sense of sight; Exclusively reveal the “Blue Eyes” of the Blue Cave Salt Lake, the largest salt cave with a diameter of 280 meters, just like the Qiongye Yuye under the Kunlun Mountains; There is also Mangya Emerald Lake, which 99% of tourists have never been to. It uses “snow mountains as a curtain and salt pond as a mirror”. The magnificent scenery makes Xiao Fei Jun want to stay in minutes; And many friends are confused: In this vast northwestern land, how to arrange the itinerary to the extreme, how to see all the beautiful scenery at once? Countless people call it “life must go” It’s the most beautiful season of Qinghai Lake again @图虫创意 “Qinghai Lake is a place where many people must go once in their lives, but it is also a place where many people will only go once in their lives.” This is a sentence often said by local tour guides. If you only go once in your life, take advantage of the summer. At this time, the beauty of Qinghai Lake reached its peak. The azure blue of the blue waves is scattered with golden and bright yellow, which is beautiful and high-profile and warm. Thousand acres of rapeseed flowers blooming around the lake, the wild flowers of the alpine pastures are colorful, like silk, and countless cattle and sheep are fat and strong, dotted with them. @图虫创意The blue brocade-like lake surface is undulating with a layer of slight ripples, and the calm lake surface presents a quiet blue. White clouds, blue lakes, green grasses, yellow flowers, Dai’s mountains… It is hard to imagine that there is such a beautiful picture in the world. Coupled with an average temperature of more than 20 degrees, cool and pleasant winds, azure blue sky, big and big clouds, Qinghai at this time, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a fairyland. We also give you a special gift[Qinghai Lake Experiential Ride]whether it is walking along the lake, taking pictures and playing, or even quietly staying in a daze, it is a special enjoyment.Hoh Xil + Qaidam Basin Secret Land Discovery Tour 7 days and 6 nights Internet celebrities who are out of the circle check in Every shot is blockbuster level /Dachaidan Emerald Lake/ Compared with the crowded Chaka Salt Lake, it is quiet like a late-night alley. It is not a complete lake, but is composed of many lakes of different sizes. Against the backdrop of the blue sky and white clouds, it is extraordinarily gorgeous and looks like a piece of agate jade from the sky. It is about 3148 meters above sea level and has an area of ​​about 240 square kilometers. It is a salt lake where salt deposits and salt lake brine coexist. Due to the different minerals contained in the salt ponds, the direction of the sun’s rays changes from time to time. Therefore, its colors are also different, green, yellow…like a gem falling into the world. /China Route 66/ This is undoubtedly a paradise for self-driving travel lovers! The mountains along the route are steep and steep, ravines are deep, and the landscape is strangely steep, which seems to be an unfolding picture of Baili Batou landscape. The winding roads and the blue sky are called “China’s Route 66”. @图虫创意 Even if you just look up, the various graceful gestures of the blue sky and white clouds are enough to make people linger. /Dongtai Jinel Lake/ blue sea, blue sky? Tailing the beach? No wonder some people call Dongtai Jinel Lake the “Qinghai branch of the Maldives”. There is no need for filter blessing, this pure Tiffany blue does not make sense! The vast Gobi is inlaid with a touch of clear blue, making it more and more unrealistic. Walking in the nearly 1km Gobi Desert, if not for the surrounding landscape to remind you, there is really an illusion of being on an island. /Xitaijinel Lake/ Xitai Jinel Lake is a salt lake, a super-large lithium deposit dominated by brine. The lake surface is split in half by a national highway, and the left and right sides are clearly separated. The lakes on both sides are half blue and half green, completely different, magical and beautiful, passing through the lake, it is very shocking! Do not lose the niche punch-in place of Internet celebrities But it hides unexpected surprises /Aiken Springs/ Aiken Spring, which means “source” in Mongolian, has an oval-shaped Aiken Spring with a diameter of more than 10 meters, like boiling water, gurgling up and running endlessly. Looking down from the air, it resembles a medical cross-sectional view of the eye, with clear veins and lifelike. There are many cyan Koizumi eyes dotted around it, under the lens of photographers, it looks like a phoenix fluttering high. The warm water constantly tumbling and overflowing in the center of the source is like eyeballs that have always contained magical power, the weird color, and the sense of suffocation. Just like its name, “Eye of the Devil”, with associations, people have an indescribable shock. /Mangya Emerald Lake/ Between Kunlun Mountain and Altun Mountain, rich mineral resources have created Mangya Emerald Lake. Ninety-nine percent of tourists have never been there, but if they set foot in it, 99% of them don’t want to leave this dreamlike sky realm. The total area is 40 square kilometers. After more than ten years of meticulous “beautification” by potash workers, the color of the water is pure and clear. “Water reflects Danxia, ​​Huatu Chaoyang, Kunlun orange haze”, for a time has become a secret place that people yearn for first. /Chaerhan Salt Lake/ The total area of ​​Chaerhan Salt Lake is 5,856 square kilometers, which is 56 times that of Chaka. Because it is still in normal production and there is not much publicity, few people know about it. In the scenic area, there is a road paved with salt and extending into the lake-Wanzhang Salt Bridge. Both sides of the salt lake are white salt crystals, and the lake water is transparent and glowing green. On a sunny day, the surrounding scenery, sky and white clouds are reflected in the lake, which is an excellent place for photography. /Water Yadan/ The world’s famous mountains are unique, but Danxia is all strange. The ancients had the praises of “the landscape is unique, the big bells are strange”, “the stubborn mountain suddenly enters the hands of a high man, and the blue is like a painter.” Danxia on the water is probably another kind of scenery in the beauty of Danxia, ​​and it is in the vast desert of Qinghai Qaidam Basin. These sights may not be visible all the time, so they are even more precious. /Cucumber beam/ Although the name is dregs, but being in it, it makes people feel the vastness of nature. It is difficult to find news about it no matter where you are. It has been standing here alone for many years, no one cares about it despite the rain and sun. It is extremely mysterious. Maybe you are the first visitor. Here is a community of Yadan landforms, a natural landform created by wind and rain all year round, showing the shaping power of nature heartily. Scenery that 99% of people have never seen A holy place to take you to witness life and faith /Exclusive secret land “Blue Eye”/ The blue cave salt spring newly added this year, we call it[Blue Eye]This is a mysterious attraction that we exclusively arranged. It can be called the largest blue cave in the Qaidam Basin. It is about 280m wide, looking down from the sky, like huge blue eyes, watching the towering Kuncang. In the calm and windless weather, the sapphire sky and flowing clouds shone on this huge “blue eye”. /Mars Base/ @图虫创意 The unique Yadan landform here is like the surface of Mars. In order to make it more sci-fi, a fully enclosed space station[Mars base]rose from the ground. The Mars in the movie scene is 100% restored before our eyes, desolate. And jerky. Being in it, it seems that there is a feeling of Mars landing. Put on a space suit and take a simulated photo from Mars, and you can instantly praise your circle of friends. /Hoh Xil/ Perhaps most people’s cognition of Hoh Xil comes from that famous movie, which is remote, majestic, mysterious and full of legends. Lu Chuan said: “Hoh Xil is heaven, hell, and a holy place to witness life and faith. Because the story of Hoh Xil is hard to tell, only those who have really walked can understand it.” As China’s largest no-man’s land, Hoh Xil is known as a restricted zone with life. Our Hoh Xil trip not only takes the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, but also has exclusive private hiding places. You can see all kinds of wild animals along the way, such as Tibetan sheep, Tibetan wild donkeys, and foxes. If you are lucky, you can also encounter rare Tibetans. antelope! When you personally go to feel the holiness up close and see the elves living here, you will definitely feel the preciousness of life and have more admiration for life.