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Tieu Vy, Minh Tu, an angel of underwear on the stage of Rap Viet


Tieu Vy and Minh Tu broke the audience when they transformed the angel of underwear, catwalk on Rap Viet stage.

On the evening of April 10, the Rap Viet All-Star show gathered a group of cult rappers, reunited with nearly 50 meticulously orchestrated and special music performances. One of the most memorable highlights is the fashion collection performance of designer Ha Nhat Tien with the surprise appearance of Miss Tieu Vy and supermodel Minh Tu. The two beauties quickly made the auditorium burst in the inner angel shape with hot outfits. The appearance of Tieu Vy and Minh Tu is also intended to promote the Miss Fitness Star Vietnam 2021 competition where both beauties are members of the jury of the final night. The collection combines two warriors from the Binz team, Thanh Draw and Yuno Bigboi, with a mashup that combines two exciting songs Because you are so beautiful and your Gu is Asian. Runner-up Kieu Loan appeared to open the scene. She wears fiery clothes, enhancing the physical beauty of modern women. Recently, Kieu Loan received many compliments when she tried herself as a singer and rapper. The runner-up was rumored to have a rap repertoire at the show, but in fact, she appeared as the opening catwalk for the collection. A dynamic, healthy and youthful spirit radiates from sports outfits with main white and red colors. Familiar materials make up the designer ‘s personal style: metallic, simily leather in addition to pure sporty materials: cotton, poly mesh are the main highlights throughout. The four colors of red, white, black, and iridescent silver are cleverly combined as a vibrant and youthful song on a summer day. Fashion designer Ha Nhat Tien shared: “Sports and Rap currently are not just applied costumes around the gym but also tend to the spirit of Hip Hop, seemingly unable to stand together but completely, it is possible to coordinate harmoniously according to the new trend.