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Turn a two-story tube house into 3 super beautiful mezzanines with little money


If you look at the facade, the house in the article has only 2 floors, but it is actually 3 mezzanines that are extremely convenient and beautiful, but the construction cost is not much.
Living in Jakarta (Indonesia), one of the most populous cities in the world, many people are always looking for design solutions so that their homes are fully furnished, with many rooms in a small area with a limited budget. .

Understanding customers’ thoughts, Delution’s architects creatively designed a tube house with 2 mezzanines. Help the house to receive a lot of sunlight and good air circulation so that you can save energy from lights and air conditioners without spending too much. Specifically, the 6m wide tube house is located in a densely populated residential area in Tebet, Jakarta Selatan. Homeowners want architects to be able to create many small rooms in the house and later when conditions permit, they can still build higher without affecting the original structure. At the same time, the owner wants this house to have 3 floors but if viewed from the front, it has only 2 floors and is on par with other houses in the area. Therefore, the architects decided to divide the height of the floor, one floor of this house is only half the height of ordinary houses and will call this mezzanine. Each mezzanine will be built and designed to suit the requirements and pocket of the owner. From the first mezzanine to the last mezzanine is connected by a large space, which provides natural light and air to the house. Between the spaces are wooden stairs, the main way in the house; also family members can interact and talk directly from different floors without having to raise their voice. In addition to the indoor space, the architects also made a 1-meter-wide corridor running along the house from front to back to get light and natural air sources because the indoor space has glass doors installed on the ceiling. This hallway is also the place to place the water pump, bicycle, outdoor equipment and also the second entrance to the home. The house is installed with transparent glass on the ceiling to get the light source and the hallway is a resource for the house to always be naturally ventilated. The architects also installed many drainage systems in the house premises to prevent water from entering the house when it rains because the floor of the house is lower than the street level. In the house, on the first mezzanine floor is an integrated kitchen and dining room. To avoid limited space, the dining table is made in a folding style so that it can be expanded if needed. The wooden dining table can be opened and folded to expand the space. The folding table can be unfolded as needed for mobility with limited space. The kitchen and dining room on the first mezzanine floor can be seen through the bottom glass under the second mezzanine façade, so the people on the first mezzanine can see if anyone has come to the house. Each floor of the house is about the same height as a regular mezzanine. For the front area of ​​the house, the architect made the upper half of the house protrude 2.5m so that the first floor serves as a parking space and outdoor seating space. On the second floor, using a large curtained glass panel on the façade as the main bathroom, it also becomes an interesting facade element. The courtyard in front of the house. The bedroom space uses elegant and elegant white colors. The bottom glass panel at the foot of the first floor facade helps people inside the house to know if someone is outside without having to open the door. 1st floor design (1: Garden;