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Visiting the place where the King of Adventure was killed: over five kilometers of snow-capped mountains, a fuel tanker stayed for two years.


This journey is so memorable! The day after I left Linzhi for Chengdu, Lao Xu said to take me on a mysterious road. We first crossed Sejila Mountain along G318, and then came to Tongmai, where we took a small road under Tongmai Bridge. This road is called s305 Provincial Road. I walked this road to Yigong, where there is a tea shop and the “General’s Building” left by the 18th Army. Then we continued walking. The road here is easy, but after reaching Bagai, we took a particularly bad road, climbed over a high mountain, and reached Zhongyu Township in Nagqu area in the evening in the rain. We woke up this morning to see the Yiga Glacier where the Tibetan adventure king Wang Xiangjun was killed. Unfortunately, it was stopped about 25 kilometers away from the glacier. Due to heavy snow, mudslides and other reasons, the road was closed to foreign tourists! Next, we walked along the G349 national highway towards Qamdo. This road is a “spare” road. Now we are starting to repair it. It was a good walk at first, but finally we encountered it when we climbed the 5,300-meter-high Xagongla Mountain. The big trouble is that the mountain is high, there is a lot of snow on it, and the thick place is more than one meter. What’s terrible is that this is a road to be abandoned. Because a tunnel was dug under the mountain, the road here is basically no longer repaired. It was originally particularly difficult to walk. Now it is basically to “build the road and save yourself” while walking. When there are several cars walking at the same time, everyone helps each other, and they all go over and over, stop and go, and it is easy to pass. The road here can only be driven by off-road vehicles. Small cars are not good. I saw an oil tanker on the top of the mountain. At first I thought it was too snowy to go. Later I learned that it had been parked here for two years. It came up but couldn’t get down. Up. However, the scenery seen along the way is so beautiful, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and the air is spotlessly clean. Such roads are not often encountered, and such scenery is not often encountered! 1. Is there a 50-yuan “Riverview Room” in Tibet? Yesterday, I passed under the Tongmai Bridge of Line 318 and walked about 100 kilometers to Zhongyu Township, which belongs to the Nagqu area, where I can eat and stay in the evening. The roads in this township are not easy to follow. It belongs to Provincial Highway 303. Among them, the 50 kilometers of Panshan Highway can only be driven by off-road vehicles. I came here hungry and found a “Jinyunchuan Restaurant” and asked for two dishes. And the amount is large, I think the boss is real. Ask, there are rooms upstairs. I just live here. The simple single rooms are in average condition, but the bedding is clean and the beds are comfortable. Each room costs only 50 yuan. I woke up in the morning and found that this place turned out to be a “Riverview Room”, a river flowing by the window, and the village on the opposite side was blooming with wild peach blossoms, while the clouds and mist in the mountains covered the farther and higher snow-capped mountains. This is too beautiful. I think of the Nyingchi and Suosong villages that I just left. The housing prices here simply don’t understand the market demand! The real paradise… The boss is a couple from Chongqing. They have been here for four years. They said that although the transportation here is not convenient, they are building roads (the state has invested 400 million yuan), and a large hydropower station is being built 20 kilometers away. (It is said that the investment is 14 billion), and the scenery here is very good, the future can be expected, they are very optimistic. 2. Unsuccessful visit to the place where the King of Adventure was killed I went from Zhongyu Township in Nagqu area along National Road 349 (it is estimated that many people have not heard of it, and it is called the most difficult national road to walk at the moment), and climbed the 5,300-meter-high Xia Gongla Mountain to Bianba County in Qamdo. People don’t understand what am I going to do? Actually, I passed under the iron bridge in Tongmai yesterday and walked on Provincial Highway 303, first to Yigong where General Zhang Guohua was stationed, and then to Bagai Township in Bomi (this section of the road is very easy to walk), and finally the most difficult to walk. The provincial highway to Zhongyu Township in Nagqu area. Here we experienced a night without electricity, water, and internet. This morning, we wanted to visit the Yiga Glacier where the Tibetan adventure king Wang Xiangjun was killed. Unfortunately, it was stopped about 25 kilometers away from the glacier. Due to heavy snow, mudslides and other reasons, the road was closed to foreign tourists! It is a pity that we took a lot of risks this time, but we were not able to mourn the sacrifice to Mr. Wang on the spot, but we expressed our respect and memory for him with our actions! Mr. Xu Wen who accompanied me is also a photography enthusiast and explorer on the Sichuan-Tibet line. He has had contacts with Mr. Wang and talked with me a lot about Mr. Wang’s adventure experience along the way. And at the inn I stayed at last night, a couple from Chongqing said that the King of Adventure stayed with them at least three times, remembering that he was riding a motorcycle for the first time with a dog… The Sri Lankan has gone, and the latecomers will not stop, pay tribute to those brave people! 3. Climbing the Xia Gongla Mountain is the most difficult section of the road, not the off-road vehicle. This time I went to Tibet. I can’t remember how many snow-capped mountains I have climbed. However, the Xia Gongla Mountain impressed me too deeply. This is a place that many people have not visited or heard of. There is a hidden road connecting the Nagqu area in northern Tibet. G349 National Highway in Qamdo Region, Eastern Tibet. I don’t know how many years this road has existed, but it is now being expanded. However, judging from the remaining road, this road is very easy and difficult to walk. It is estimated that there are very few vehicles passing by. Of course, the most difficult thing to walk is to climb over the Xia Gongla Mountain. Because the tunnel has been excavated, the road on the mountain is no longer repaired, and the snow is too small for vehicles to pass. On this day, about a dozen off-road vehicles gathered together, everyone worked together, and finally it took five hours to pass. This road can be regarded as the most difficult road in Tibet at the moment, but once the tunnel under the mountain is repaired and the whole road is connected, the G349 National Highway is not only another choice for entering Tibet, but also a scenic road! 4. Is the snow-capped mountain beautiful?How can I have the best encounter without going through hardships? Today, I took the National Highway 349 in Tibet and crossed the Xia Gongla Mountain Pass (5300). After the road was blocked by heavy snow, the road opened for the last five hours. By the way, I took photos of the snow scene with my mobile phone. Is it beautiful? The scenery on this section of the road is very beautiful, but it is also anxious. It is the difficulty of the road. I don’t know what I will encounter, I don’t know if I can pass it in the end. There is also a cautious and frightened walk along the way. But I still took a picture of the beautiful scenery along the way, leaving it to memory, to the past, and to a journey. 5. A tanker truck that has been parked for two years can get up, but can’t get down. It is interesting to see an abandoned oil tanker on the mountain (5,300 meters) of Hagonla. The driver passing by said that it has been here (abandoned) for two years. Think about it coming up with great effort, but can’t go down… There is a tunnel under the mountain. It is estimated that it will pass in one and a half years. At that time, there will be no vehicles left here, and it is estimated that it will stay here forever and become a milestone! 6. The most remote Bianba County Traveling by car in Tibet, I came to Bianba County, the most remote area of ​​Qamdo, which is about 3,600 meters above sea level. Today, I just climbed the 5,300 “snow mountain” Xia Gongla Mountain, which was exciting and exciting. The county seat is not big. The county seat is in a canyon with a river passing by. There are many new buildings in the county seat and it is a very quiet place. I stayed in the standard room for 190 yuan, and I found a restaurant on the street to eat. I ordered hoof flower, chive scrambled eggs and dumplings, and finally spent 110 yuan. The consumption here is still not low. This day is the most exciting and memorable day of my entire Tibet trip