Home Tech Want to browse files on IPFS, how should ordinary people use Filecoin?

Want to browse files on IPFS, how should ordinary people use Filecoin?


The Internet has fundamentally changed the world.
Whether it is economic, entertainment or social, we can use fast Internet searches to find topics we care about, and this shows that the Internet has fundamentally reshaped or changed the problem.
The early days of the Internet were exploratory in nature. In the early days, technological pioneers explored, isolated, contained, and commoditized the Internet.Over time, the Internet has maintained”Free” status, but has now been corrupted. The Internet is yours and you can use it, but you are not its owner.
Web 3.0 revolves around rebuilding the existing services and products of the Internet so that they benefit people rather than entities. Encrypted networks and artificial intelligence will be the means to achieve this goal.
Although we cannot predict the future, we believe in a realizationThe world of Web 3.0 will be based on open source protocols, and the enterprise will act as an interface that provides convenient access and additional features. The data will still be used to drive decision-making, but it will not be used to counter consumers. Data rights will be protected, not for profit. Incentive mechanisms and market mechanisms will help ensure the credibility and verifiability of information.
Fully decentralized and verifiable platform, learn more about adding FILkefu, user Can trust the system because we There is no need to trust the individual participants who run software, run services, etc.
IPFS is a peer-to-peer (p2p) storage network. The content can be accessed through peers located anywhere in the world, and these peers may transmit information, store information, or do so at the same time. IPFS knows how to use its content address instead of its location to find the content you are asking for.
understandingIPFS has three basic principles:
1) Unique identification through content addressing;
2)Directed Acyclic Graph(DAG) Link content;
3)Distributed hash table(DHT) Discovery content.
These three principles build on each other to achieveIPFS ecosystem.
but, As HTTP substitute ,On IPFS Information will be difficult to adopt, learn more and add FILkefu, but we can Use a simple network bridge. The IPFS gateway acts as a bridge between traditional web browsers and IPFS. Through the gateway, users can browse files and websites stored in IPFS as if they were stored on a traditional web server.
Of course there is a simple way, The easiest way to get up and running is to installIPFS desktop application. itYesThe official desktop client of IPFS,With a built-inIPFS nodes can fix files and provide customersProvide links to shared files.The app has built-inGo-IPFS allows you to interact with the network through a simple user interface,This is usually seen as enteringThe simplest entry point to the IPFS ecosystem.
Anyone can useIPFS stores files in a decentralized manner. For long-term storage, users can useFilecoin network!
Filecoin is a peer-to-peer network that stores files on the Internet, with built-in economic incentives to ensure that files are stored reliably over time. Available storage and pricing are not controlled by any one company. Instead, Filecoin promotes an open market for storing and retrieving files that anyone can participate in.
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