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What is in the apartment of 85 billion VND, the interior designer Thai Cong has just designed?


The apartment that Thai Cong designer has just shared is 200m2 wide, uses the main dark color and has an investment of separate furniture of 85 billion VND.

Works designed by designer Thai Cong are often entangled in the controversy of the online community. Recently, designer Quach Thai Cong posted a video about the Spa Apartment project posted on YouTube, with the note: “This project, if anyone is not familiar with the luxurious, splendid and extravagant style, when If you want to open your eyes, watch the movie Spa Apartment.” According to designer Thai Cong, the apartment has an investment of up to 85 billion USD, for small items such as knives, forks, cups, plates and glasses, it costs 350,000 USD (more than 8 billion VND). The apartment has an area of ​​200m2, using many dark colors. Although it is only a design, the audience can partly imagine the appearance of the house after completion. Although the investment is quite large, according to netizens, this project is still not much different from the villas and villas that Thai Cong has designed. There is an opinion that all works of Thai Cong are similar. For example, the same chandelier in two works of Thai Cong. Decor books, flower arrangements have not changed. Netizens also couldn’t help but admire the lavish interior in the apartment. Photo source: Thai Cong TV Video: House of 25m2- opportunity to have a house for many people? Source: VTV24