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What you want to know about digital renminbi, we have all experienced it


Source: Xinhua News Agency

30 seconds quick reading 1. The digital RMB online payment experience is not much different from bank cards, Alipay, and WeChat. 2. The main inconvenience of using digital renminbi payment online is that users must be very clear about how much balance they have in each wallet, otherwise they will encounter the dilemma of insufficient balance when paying, because it is equivalent to a cash wallet and cannot be like a credit card Overdraft. 3. From the offline experience of “IT Times” reporters, once the mobile network is closed, operations such as payment and transfer cannot be realized, and offline payment cannot be used. The said “offline payment” function has not yet been implemented yet. Speaking of the current magic capital, which festival is the hottest? It is undoubtedly the second Shanghai “Five-Five Shopping Festival” spanning the second quarter. It’s another “buy, buy, buy” rhythm. This year’s “Five-Five Shopping Festival” has a particularly strong digital flavor. Many merchants on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street have put digital RMB signs on the counters. This year’s “Five-Five Shopping Festival” “Become a “touchstone” for the digital renminbi. Currently, the digital RMB pilot areas are “10+1”, including Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiong’an, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hainan, Changsha, Xi’an, Qingdao, Dalian and the Beijing Winter Olympics. The digital renminbi is becoming a “frequent customer” around us. In fact, not only offline, some Internet platforms have also opened up digital RMB payment channels, alongside WeChat Pay, Alipay, and Cloud QuickPass. What is the online and offline payment experience of digital renminbi? Recently, a reporter from “IT Times” conducted a test. 01Online Source: IT Times Can pay and pay party dues To use digital renminbi online, the first step is to open a sub-wallet. In “More” at the top of the homepage, click “Sub-wallet”, and there will be Internet platforms that have connected to digital RMB, such as Didi, Ctrip, JD, and more than 20 platforms, but the number of times the digital RMB sub-wallet has been opened is Limited, according to the current test conducted by a reporter from the IT Times, the maximum number of sub-wallets opened by each bank is two, and no digital renminbi is kept in the sub-wallets. It can be seen on the Digital RMB App that among the Internet platforms that are connected to, Travel categories include Meituan Biking, Didi Chuxing, Qingju Bicycle, Tianfutong (Chengdu Bus and Metro), Qingdao Metro App, E-commerce categories include JD.com, Jingxi, Suning.com, Tmall Supermarket, Tourism category includes Ctrip, Tuniu Tourism, Fresh food delivery categories include Ele.me, Meituan, Hema Fresh, Shixing Fresh, The express category currently only has SF Express, The financial category includes JD Finance, Petrochemical Finance, Charging categories include special calls, star charging, Entertainment category includes Bilibili. After opening the sub-wallet, the digital renminbi can be paid online on the corresponding App. In addition, major banks have also launched trials of their own products, such as the e-commerce platform of China Construction Bank, Shanrong Commercial, and the Postal Savings Life of China Postal Savings Bank. The digital renminbi online payment experience is not much different from bank cards, Alipay, and WeChat. When making a transaction, choose any bank’s wallet to make the payment. After entering the password, the digital renminbi App will be displayed on the top to prompt the transaction. After payment, you can open the digital wallet to see the transaction record and a string of transaction certificate numbers. The payment of party dues is also the main entrance to the digital RMB app, but currently this function is only open to some party branches in pilot projects. For example, Sinopec has already used digital RMB to pay party dues. Avoid insufficient balance At present, digital renminbi is still in the pilot stage, so each app has certain restrictions when using digital renminbi for payment. For example, e-commerce apps and JD apps can only use digital renminbi to purchase self-operated products. Meituan has opened three areas for cycling, grocery shopping, and takeaway. The only areas where digital renminbi can be used for grocery shopping are Beijing and Shanghai. Bilibili is only for Android phone users to use when topping up B coins. The main inconvenience of using digital renminbi payment online is that users have to be very clear about how much balance they have in each wallet, otherwise they will encounter the dilemma of insufficient balance when paying, because it is equivalent to a cash wallet and cannot be overdrawn like a credit card. Assuming that you have 3 bank cards to open a digital wallet, you have 3 cards and 3 digital wallets, and you need to memorize multiple balances. In addition, it is recommended to set the same transaction password when opening multiple digital wallets to avoid confusion. Online merchant banks (Alipay) and WeBank (WeChat Pay) will also gradually join the digital renminbi wallet operators. Currently, Internet merchant banks have opened the possibility of adding digital wallet functions, but they cannot be used on the central bank’s digital renminbi App for the time being. WeBank It will display “coming soon”. Source: IT Times According to media reports, Alipay has started a digital RMB pilot program. After being activated, the invited users can implement transfer, transfer, transfer, payment, and payment functions on the Alipay App. 02 offline Source: IT Times The entrance is clear and offline is still “missing” More than a month ago, a reporter from “IT Times” experienced the use scenarios and processes of digital renminbi offline. At that time, the reporter opened the digital renminbi in the ABC App. From the experience process, the digital renminbi payment entrance hidden in the bank app Deeper, unlike Alipay and other payment portals on the home page. On the central bank’s digital renminbi App, the payment portal is on the homepage, and the balance of a bank’s digital renminbi opened by oneself will be displayed on the homepage, and the payment will be received downward and payment will be made upward. On Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, which is building a “digital RMB key experimental block”, many time-honored food stores have opened digital RMB payment channels, including No. 1 Food Store and Shen Dacheng Nanjing Pedestrian Street Store. After purchasing some items, the reporter of “IT Times” showed the digital RMB payment code to the cashier when paying. Scanned it and entered the payment code to make the payment successful. The payment process is as convenient as Alipay and WeChat. But like using digital renminbi online, it is necessary to avoid insufficient balances. At this time, you can use the “recharge wallet” function to convert the equivalent value of the funds in your bank account into the digital renminbi in the digital renminbi wallet. On the payment page of the digital renminbi, there is also a “touch one touch” function. If there is a “touch one touch” sign on the digital renminbi payment sign in the store, it means that you only need to touch the mobile phone and the induction area on the sign to complete it. Payment is more convenient than showing a QR code. However, not all stores that have opened digital RMB payment have a touch function. The reporter of IT Times did not see a sign with a “touch” sign in some shops in Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street and Putuo Global Harbor. Some media reported that in the “touch” mode, even if there is no internet connection, the digital renminbi can complete the verification of the user’s identity and the confirmation of the transaction information to complete the transaction. Since the digital renminbi has been piloted, its “anonymous and controllable” and “dual offline” functions have been attracting attention. However, from the offline experience of the reporter of “IT Times”, once the mobile network is closed, operations such as payment and transfer cannot be realized. The page will display “Current network is not available”, cannot display the QR code, and cannot use offline payment. The same experience as the reporter had more than a month ago. A research report from CICC pointed out that, from the perspective of payment methods, the current digital RMB test App uses QR codes as the payment method, and the QR codes cannot be loaded offline. Tips digital renminbi, things you must know 1. How to activate Take Shanghai as an example. The first wave of pilots mainly embeds digital RMB in the mobile banking of the six major banks, which is open to the public. From the perspective of the activation experience, it is more convenient. Commonly used bank cards can almost pass through mobile banking in seconds. However, if you use the card very much, it is probably not on the whitelist. You need to go to the bank counter to open the digital wallet. A reporter from “IT Times” tried to open the digital wallets of four banks. Among them, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and China Construction Bank passed the registration on the mobile banking terminal within seconds, and the Bank of China and the Postal Savings Bank did not pass online. However, the download and activation of the central bank’s digital RMB app requires targeted invitations, and it is not open to the entire public in the app market. 2. Digital wallets can be transferred to each other “IT Times” reporters have three digital wallets on the Digital RMB App: ICBC, China Construction Bank, and Internet Commercial Bank. The ICBC digital wallet can be used to transfer funds to the CCB digital wallet. Just fill in the mobile phone number or digital wallet number to transfer funds. Since WeBank has not yet been opened, it is not yet possible to try whether it can transfer with online merchant banks. 3. Bank cards and digital wallets cannot be transferred For example, it is impossible to transfer money to CCB’s digital wallet with ICBC bank card. On the Digital RMB App, only the bank card of the bank can be used when transferring in or out of the digital wallet. 4. How is anonymity reflected? When using the digital wallet number to transfer money, the interface will prompt “inter-agency transfer cannot verify the real name of the payee, please operate with caution”. When opening for the first time, you can choose an anonymous wallet, but anonymous wallets do not support transfer in or out, only transfer and consumption, and the upper limit of the digital wallet balance is 10,000 yuan, the single payment limit is 2,000 yuan, and the daily payment limit is 5000 yuan, the annual cumulative payment limit is 50,000 yuan. 5. Different types of wallets have different quotas The digital wallet opened by the reporter of “IT Times” is a secondary wallet. The digital wallet balance limit of each bank is 500,000 yuan, the single payment limit is 50,000 yuan, the daily payment limit is 100,000 yuan, and the annual cumulative payment limit is unlimited . Digital renminbi is divided into multiple types of wallets according to the degree of real name. The wallet with strong real name has the highest authority in terms of payment limit and so on. 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