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Xingyue L, which is well-received by the original network, is there any excessive myth?We tried it ourselves


To talk about the hottest SUV in the recent auto market, in addition to the fourth-generation Highlander, the Geely Xingyue L may definitely be mentioned. Especially after Geely recently announced a pre-sale price of 148,000 to 188,000 yuan, it is more like a depth bomb, detonating the entire SUV market.

In the opinion of many industry insiders, Xingyue L did not pay attention to military ethics at all this time. At such a competitive price, it showed the product power of super models of the same level. It did not leave a way for joint venture compact SUVs. Like many netizens lamented, the launch of Xingyue L heralds the arrival of the winter of the joint venture SUV.

So, as the title of the article questioned, is there any excessive myth of Xingyue L, which is highly praised by the whole network? Or does it really have this extraordinary strength? On June 12, Auto Intelligence New Media had the honor to test drive this Xingyue L first. Next, I would like to briefly share with you a few highlights.

Let me talk about space first. Although Xingyue L is positioned as a compact SUV, I actually took a ride this time. This is a compact treatment, which is clearly the space enjoyment of an A+ class SUV. For the author of 175cm/77kg, sitting in the back row can easily lift Erlang’s legs. Although it is not as perverted as the crown road or UR-V, it has to be said that it is really better than CR-V and RAV4. These A-class SUVs have a lot of space.

In addition to the large space, the seats of Xingyue L are also very soft and comfortable. What is even more surprising is that the seats also use a mix of leather and Alcantara suede, and even the roof and interior are everywhere. It’s Alcantara suede, a bit like Audi’s flagship SUV. I have to admit that this Cuiyu double-pin suede material brings a very good feel, and the sense of grade of the entire interior is created at once, even a bit of luxury.

Next, let’s talk about the configuration. The author tested a four-wheel drive premium model that day, which was 10,000 yuan behind the pre-sale price of the top model. But I have to say that the configuration of this model has already surprised the author, because the configuration that can be seen on the market is basically equipped on it, and it is not like a joint venture model.

Let’s put it this way, the interior is very eye-catching one-meter large screen, 10-speaker Bose audio system, 5G-AVP 1km unmanned parking technology, can support L4 level autopilot in some scenarios, plus a variety of dazzling Active and passive safety equipment. It can be seen that Geely really put the technology and strength at the bottom of the box on this Xingyue L this time.

Finally, let’s talk about the power part. The model we tested is the second-top model, equipped with a powertrain of 2.0T+8AT, and is also equipped with BorgWarner’s sixth-generation four-wheel drive system. This set of equipment is basically the same as the Volvo XC60. From the book data, its performance is quite sturdy, at least in the same level, facing the challenges of joint ventures.

In fact, judging from the author’s driving experience, it really did not disappoint. At the start of the paved road, the acceleration and the power have been improved obviously, and the active power output is also active when the latter is accelerating, and there is no obvious setback. Simply put, it is very advanced. When it comes to non-paved roads, this four-wheel drive system will intervene in a timely manner to achieve a 50:50 torque distribution ratio between the front and rear axles, making the entire driving process more convenient.

[Conclusion]Based on the above personal test drive, Xingyue L is not an excessive myth, in fact it does have real power. In view of this, it is not difficult to understand that Xingyue L has such a perverted heat at the moment. Regarding this, what are your own views and opinions? Welcome to leave a message and interact with us.