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Xuan Hai beach is like a beautiful girl who has been awakened and awakened. For 12 km, Xuan Hai coastline is carefully shod with long sloping sand and casuarina forests receding inland.

Author (right photo) by Xuan Hai beach biển The road from Nghen to Xuan Hai beach, Thach Bang commune, Loc Ha is now closer, less than 15km. The road has just been upgraded, the car runs smoothly. It is true that traffic always takes on a mission.” one step ahead “. Without investing in traffic first, all potentials are “ sleep “. Loc Ha is a new district, established in 2007, merged by 7 communes of Can Loc district and 6 communes of Thach Ha district. Although it is a coastal district, Loc Ha enjoys the richness of natural conditions, full of features including hills, plains and the sea. Xuan Hai Beach is really “ presents “Nature’s gift. Xuan Hai beach is like a beautiful girl who has been awakened and awakened. For 12 km, Xuan Hai coastline is carefully shod with long sloping sand and casuarina forests receding inland. Thach Bang beach is rated as one of six beautiful, clean and flat beaches in Ha Tinh. Blue sea water, moderate salinity, no whirlpools or dangerous currents. The capital is located quite far from the residential area, so the sea is clean and still has a wild character. South of Xuan Hai beach is Bang mountain (local people call it Rong Bong) leaning out to the sea. Bang Son, or ru Bong – a mountain range emerging in the middle of the coastal plain of Loc Ha, is a mysterious mountain range associated with many legends handed down for generations about Khe Huong, Khe Bau, Ong Rock, Mu Stone, etc. Spoon stone, Drum stone… is the burial place of Duke Nguyen Huu Chinh’s ancestors. Prominent in the middle of Bang Son mountain is the relic of Kim Dung pagoda. The pagoda was built during the Tran dynasty. Legend has it that under the Tran dynasty, Hung Dao Vuong traveled to the South to see the beautiful scenery, so he stopped the boat to admire the scenery, drink wine and play chess. The North is in the hottest days. Ha Tinh is one of the “hearts of heat”. There is no one who does not wish to be on the beach these days. Many localities are straining against the Covid-19 epidemic, Ha Tinh is safe but not subjective. On the way down to Xuan Hai beach, I saw many groups of young people going out without wearing masks and being stopped and handled by the functional forces. Being present at Xuan Hai beach on these days can see the number of tourists flocking more and more. In the afternoon, the beach is lively and bustling. The sun goes down, dozing on the casuarina top. Twilight covered the sandy shore, painting the sea a strange blue color. The peaceful green thing, erases a sunny, hard day. With the excellent teacher Vo Duc Dai and many other brothers from Nghen, I rushed into the sea. Many beautiful girls even wear masks when swimming in the sea. Xuan Hai beach is friendly, opens the water, hugs the children in their arms, caresses, lulls them with wave tunes, vents all their worries and worries into the seabed, to go ashore with a leisurely, carefree mind. Under water, on the shore are crowded. Family, parents, children, friends are residents of Loc Ha, Can Loc down, Ha Tinh city out; Scattered groups of tourists during the Covid season still managed to enter here, rushing into the sea. Young wing men playing volleyball and kicking a ball in the sand. Children playing in the water, jumping on the waves. Laughter filled the whole area. After bathing, you can continue to sit and enjoy the wind; look at the young men and women swaying. Young breasts tell me; voluptuous long legs. Visitors can freely swim and enjoy seafood dishes with the characteristics of Thach Kim estuary, Thinh Loc beach with very stable prices. Especially, they are also invited to eat the famous dish of the Central region, which is no longer a poor dish in the past, but is a known specialty near and far. Sauteed salted eggplant with meat, sea fish stock is also full of homeland flavor. From ancient to modern times, many writers, poets, musicians and painters wrote about the sea. Poetry about the sea, if asked “ Mr. google ”, in just 0.38 seconds will be nearly 48 million results. Many poets give themselves the title “ Poet of the Sea ‘, but I still remember the poem’ Sea ” of the “ King of love poems “Xuan Dieu, poet originally from Trao Nha, Can Loc, Ha Tinh. In front of the sea, people are too small. In front of the sea, people realize that they must connect. Group “ link “The ideal is probably two people, one male, one female. So, “ space “The sea is the space of love and affection, the space of craving for love. “ I don’t deserve to be the blue sea / But I want you to be the white sand , (Sea, poetry Xuan Dieu). … I would like to make waves Kiss the golden sand forever Kiss so softly, so softly Kissing forever Kissed already, kissed back Until forever To melt the whole world He just stopped being a jerk… (Sea, Xuan Dieu’s poetry) This afternoon, standing by Xuan Hai beach (Thach Bang), I read this poem by Xuan Dieu. The poem itself comes to mind, forcing the heart to sing. “ For when the foam is white / And the wind blows everywhere / Like a kiss for a thousand years is not satisfied, / Because I love the shore so much, baby! “./. Ha Tinh, June 3, 2021 New Year’s Day