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Dress up very pretty in the summer with the 4 hottest bra styles in 2021


In the past, a bra was just a delicate medical item that needed to be hidden under the shirt. Today, it has become a trendy item with many unique variations.
This summer, bras continuously appear in street fashion lookbooks of major fashion houses. Let’s explore with Saostar the secret to extremely standard clothes with the 4 most popular bra styles in summer 2021.

1. Crochet Bra The crochet bra trend is enthusiastically promoted by Christian Dior, Bottega Veneta, Dolce & Gabbana in the Spring – Summer 2021 collection. Many people feel that wool is not suitable for summer, but in fact, This type of bra feels thin and light, not as secretive as you think. Besides, it also has cute colors such as pink, yellow, orange, blue, extremely suitable for the energetic fashion spirit of summer. To avoid indiscretions, you can wear them with a thin cardigan, crop top. 2. Knitted bra With the advantage of being soft and airy, knitted material is gradually becoming a “beloved” in the streetwear market in recent years. The formula that is most popular with the world’s supermodels is to wear a knit bra with hot pants of the same color, with an oversized shirt or blazer. 3. Sports bra It’s no surprise that the sports bra is the most ‘polite’, ‘safe’ type of underwear for women who are just starting to switch to bold fashion. You can wear this shirt like a normal crop top, or add a blazer when you want to cover your shoulders. 4. Bralette Shirt Bralette is a women’s underwear item with a fairly simple design, it is omitted breast augmentation, breast padding and buttons. Different from traditional bras with specific sizes such as 34, 36, 38, this Bralette lingerie line is designed in a variety of shapes, suitable for all busts. Because the production of them does not require as much technology as underwire bras. However, if talking about street fashion, this type of shirt is suitable for girls with a more modest bust. Because the design is too thin, the Bralette shirt will not be able to shape the shape and support the full breasts. The recipe that never goes wrong with a lace bralette is to pair them with a thin cardigan. This is a standard combo like a textbook to help bring sexy beauty to women but not too revealing or offensive. You can also dress in menswear style by pairing a black lace bralette with an oversized blazer. If you are confident in your curves, you can try wearing a bralette with a see-through top, this is a recipe to help you show off your ant waist. With this combination, choose bras with thin straps and outerwear of the same color to create a harmonious overall. For the bottom, you should choose high-waisted jeans or leather skirts to create the effect of elongating the legs.