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Yongxin Optics manufactures the first “space microscope” in China and takes another big step in the development of high-end optical instruments


Our reporter Wu Yixuan, trainee reporter Wu Jixia On June 17, China’s first space station, the Tianhe Core Module, ushered in the first batch of human “visitors”, and various space science experiments will be carried out in the Tianhe Core Module in the future. my country’s first microgravity space microscope experimental instrument developed and manufactured by Yongxin Optics will provide support for various technical research of the space station for a long period of time in the future. Mao Lei, the general manager of Yongxin Optics, said in an exclusive interview with a reporter from the Securities Daily: “As a company with a high sense of social responsibility, the company has been silently practicing its own responsibilities over the years and actively engaged in the field of high-end optical instruments. Helping China Aviation The aerospace industry is our common dream.” “At that time, the scene came from the scene, and the instrument developed by the company was in the place covered by the five-star red flag.” Mao Lei said proudly: “The manufacture of my country’s first microgravity space microscopy instrument is of great significance to the company. On the one hand, it proves The company has the ability to undertake national high-end projects. On the other hand, through research on this project, the company has further improved its technical level in the field of high-end microscope manufacturing.” In fact, Yongxin Optics is one of the few domestic enterprises with high-end microscope manufacturing capabilities. Through independent research and development and industry-university cooperation, the company has mastered the design and preparation technology of the core components of the super-resolution microscopy system, such as large numerical aperture objective lenses and high-performance fluorescent filters, and completed the prototype manufacturing of the FSED super-resolution microscopy system. The company successively undertook the manufacturing of “Chang’e-2”, “Chang’e-3” and “Chang’e-4” satellite optical lenses, and participated in the manufacture of the “Quieqiao” relay satellite optical camera lens. Mao Lei told reporters: “The company has been commissioned since 2016 to develop the microgravity space microscopy experimental instrument. After 5 years, it took a lot of time and energy. Unlike a satellite-borne optical lens, this instrument is a complicated device. In addition to the higher requirements for the equipment foundation, all the core components of the microscopic experiment instrument are separated and packaged in the box and assembled by the astronauts in space. Therefore, it is also a new challenge for the company to consider the shockproof of the equipment. Equipment assembly It takes more than 20 steps to complete, so after the successful launch of Shenzhou 12, the company arranged a deputy chief engineer to provide technical support at any time.” Qi Hai, President of Beijing Teyi Sunshine New Energy|In an interview with a reporter from Securities Daily, said: “Every small step in aerospace technology progress is a big step in the development and progress of my country’s industrial manufacturing. / Ultra-thin new materials, multi-functional new equipment, high-efficiency new energy, etc. all reflect the development of my country’s manufacturing industry in recent years and verify the level of industrial upgrading.” Qi Hai| believes: “Yongxin Optics, as a leading enterprise in microscopes and special lenses, its products are also very suitable for the diversified development of the intelligent manufacturing industry brought about by the upgrading of my country’s manufacturing industry, including autopilot high-definition vehicle applications, 5G industrial remote control and machine vision Industrial applications of artificial intelligence such as, AR/VR, etc., can drive the industrial development of supporting assemblies and module components.” It is worth mentioning that Yongxin Optics has formulated a development strategic plan for the future 2021-2025, and proposed the “five-five-five” development strategy goal. It is planned to achieve 5 times the scale of output value and 5 times the per capita efficiency in 5 years. The company takes optical instruments and optical components as its two core business segments, and achieves rapid corporate growth through three development paths: high-end breakthroughs, brand growth, and capital operation. Especially for optical instruments, Mao Lei revealed: “The company’s high-end microscopy equipment represented by confocal microscopes has entered the commercial use stage and will soon complete the first set of sales.” (Edited by Shangguan Monroe)