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The 4 county towns in Shaanxi that are most suitable for health and summer vacations, the environment is so cool and there are many long-lived elderly


This is Xiao Yu’s travel diary, stop and go, and watch Shaanxi with me. Summer is here, and the weather is getting hotter and hotter. Many friends want to find places suitable for summer vacation, leisure and health preservation. Xiaoyu has recommended several places for everyone one after another, but sometimes the travel experience will inevitably vary from person to person, and it is not absolutely authoritative. However, my country recently announced the 2020 “Top 100 Counties in Health and Health Care in China”, and 4 counties in Shaanxi have been selected. The counties evaluated by experts should be more authoritative. Friends who want to travel in the summer may wish to refer to it. The four counties are: Ankang Shiquan County, Ankang Zhenping County, Baoji Feng County, Tongchuan Yijun County. “Top 100 Health and Health Counties” is the result of a comprehensive investigation, including health and health resources, health and health environment, health and health facilities, and health and health development level. But in any case, a livable and travelable environment is essential. Shaanxi’s selection of these four county towns is not surprising. Because they are all representatives of Shaanxi’s beautiful mountains, waters and scenery, some have been royal summer resorts since ancient times; some are known as “Longevity Towns.” In the scorching summer, pick a wave! Shiquan County: never changed its name in 1500 Does the name of Shiquan County sound like a good environment? Shiquan is easily reminiscent of the famous phrase “Qingquan Shi Shangliu”. In fact, Shiquan County, which was founded in the first year of the Fei Emperor in the Western Wei Dynasty (552 AD), really got its name because of “there are many springs in the rocky crevices in the south of the city, and the runoff is endless”. In 1500, this small city located in the hinterland of Qinba and on the banks of the Han River has never been renamed, and the landscape seems to have become its background. Shiquan has a good ecological environment, with beautiful mountains and clear waters and a forest coverage rate of 72.2%. It is also an important water conservation area for the National South-to-North Water Diversion Project. The tourism industry in Shiquan is relatively mature. For example, Houliu Water Village, Yanxiang Cave, Yanshan Waterfall, Zhongba Grand Canyon, etc., are all well-known scenic spots in the province. I have visited Shiquan County many times before and after, and I am still very impressed with this county seat. When visiting Shiquan, in addition to seeing the scenery and visiting scenic spots, you can also taste the famous stone pot fish. Shiquan Old Street is full of shops selling stone pot fish. Don’t miss it when you come here. Zhenping County: The Hometown of Chinese Longevity Culture Zhenping County is located at the southernmost tip of Shaanxi, adjacent to Hubei and Chongqing. It is a small mountain town with “one foot in three provinces”. Because of the heavy mountain barriers, Zhenping has always been in a state of being “raised in a deep boudoir without knowing it.” The highway was just opened here in August last year. Although it still takes 4 to 5 hours to drive from Xi’an, it is much more convenient than before. Zhenping is located at the source of Danjiang Reservoir. Its forest coverage rate is as high as 86.4%, and its annual average temperature is 12.1℃. It is known as the “natural heart of the country, Bashan medicine township, and health paradise”. How good is the natural environment in Zhenping? Look at the longevity elderly here! As of 2020, there are 191 elderly people over 90 years old in Zhenping, and the oldest person is 104 years old, far exceeding the international and domestic longevity standards. Because Zhenping is also “the hometown of Chinese longevity culture”. Compared with Shiquan, the scenic spots in Zhenping are not too famous. Feidu Gorge, Jixinling, and Lawei Town are the main scenic spots in the county. In summer, friends who want to find a small town to take the summer vacation for retirement, might as well consider Zhenping! Feng County: Located in the small town of “South Shaanxi” in Guanzhong Fengxian County is located at the southern foot of the Qinling Mountains and the source of the Jialing River. With a forest coverage rate of 80.4%, this small city with a population of 110,000 makes it a good place to escape the summer heat. Although the administrative area of ​​Fengxian County belongs to Baoji City, it can be regarded as a small city in southern Shaanxi in a geographical sense. Feng County is also rich in tourism resources. There are Jialing River Source Scenic Area, Tongtian River Forest Park, Fengxian Zibai Mountain, Lingguan Gorge Scenic Area, Xiaosha Temple Scenic Area, Phoenix Lake Scenic Area, and so on. In addition to self-driving, you can also take a green train to Fengxian. In this way, you can not only appreciate the scenery along the line, but also feel the elegance of China’s first electrified railway-Baocheng Railway, which is a different kind of travel experience. Yijun County: China’s Summer City Compared with the first three county towns, Yijun County, located in Tongchuan City, is a small town in Guanzhong. Many people don’t understand Yijun, and they may have questions: Why is this place known as “China’s Summer City”? In fact, as early as the Tang Dynasty, Yijun was the seat of the Royal Summer Palace. The county name of Yijun also came because of “suitable for the emperor to escape the summer heat.” Yijun County has an average elevation of 1395 meters and an average summer temperature of only 19℃. It is a veritable summer resort. Yijun County has a pleasant climate, a long history, and both cultural and natural sights. For example, Xuanzang hand-planted the Sala tree, the Northern Wei Dynasty Grottoes, Yunmeng Mountain Taoist Resort, the Great Wall of the Wei Dynasty in the Warring States Period, dry farming terraces, the scenic spot of Fudi Lake and so on. In addition, it is only 130 kilometers away from Xi’an, and it can be reached in 2 hours by car. Compared with other counties, it has more transportation advantages. It is worth visiting. Have you ever traveled to these 4 county towns in Shaanxi that will be selected as one of the top 100 healthy and healthy counties in China in 2020? Which one do you prefer? There are other small towns that are not on the list but suitable for health and wellness, and everyone is welcome to recommend them~ If you want to know more about less popular and fun tourist destinations, you are welcome to pay attention to Xiaoyu’s travel diary. Discover more beautiful worlds with Xiaoyu!