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10 K-biz beauties with the most enviable physique: 1m63 tall Jennie (Blackpink) is still at the top


The poll of Job Korea and Albamon helped Korean women choose the stars with the best body in the country.

Topping the list of Job Korea and Albamon is member Jennie of the group BLACKPINK – who was voted as the female star with the most enviable body in the kimchi industry. Although she does not have outstanding height, in return, Jennie has a well-proportioned body, especially a toned abs and an admirable “ant” waist. The attractive body and trendy beauty are the reasons that helped the female idol born in 1996 become the brand ambassador of many fashion brands. Famous as the sexy, fiery beauty of K-Pop, HyunA is always present in the ranking of the sexiest female stars of the Korean entertainment industry. The former 4minute member is also often invited by famous swimwear and lingerie brands to model photos Third in the list of female stars with attractive bodies is Seolhyun (AOA). She was named as one of the “advertising queens” who received the most contracts in Korea. To have her current figure, Seolhyun worked out rigorously and lost up to 13kg 13 Along with the idol group stars, Jun Ji Hyun is a rare actress to enter this ranking. Even though she is married, she still exercises to have an attractive body. Jun Ji Hyun’s advantage is his outstanding height of 1m73 and long legs Behind Jun Ji Hyun is “the nation’s first love” Suzy. Not only has a beautiful face, but Suzy’s body is also very attractive, especially after she was determined to lose weight. The second BLACKPINK member on this list is Rosé. The female idol’s “golden” body proportion was once a topic of discussion. Even many people think that Rosé’s waist is only 50 cm, while she corrects her waist measurement to be 61 cm. Soyu – a former member of the group Sistar is also a typical example of successful weight loss in the entertainment industry of kimchi. Soyu also gave a speech about her weight loss process and how to maintain her figure IU’s slim body with a height of 1m61 also helps her to be in 8th place in the chart. Although the three-round measurement is not too hot, the star “Moon Lover” has a small and slim body ratio. Another beauty with a body that many Korean women dream of is Son Naeun. Long slender legs are a plus point for Naeun’s body, helping her conquer tight clothes or short skirts. Jessi is the female star ranked 10th in the ranking. She has a European-American standard beauty with healthy brown skin and a hot hourglass body