Home Architecture 4 ways to maximize the cost of building a house

4 ways to maximize the cost of building a house


Homeowners should clearly identify the necessary space needs, take advantage of the available factors, choose a simple solution … to save on construction costs.
When building a house, the issue that every homeowner pays special attention to is the cost. If the budget is tight, how can you still have a decent house?

Architect Vo The Duy (CTA | Creative Architects) will guide you through four effective ways to save money on construction costs. Clearly define the necessary space needs First, the homeowner needs to assess the needs of the space used for clarity. In addition to the sleeping space, the kitchen, living room or separate toilet space for each room can be reduced or eliminated depending on the case. Besides determining the space the family really needs, homeowners should think about grouping common spaces (spaces with similar functions together), such as kitchen – dining, or guest – eating, studying. – common activities… The grouping of spaces is valuable when choosing a covering solution. For open spaces, common living, the covering solution can be eliminated, both saving costs and creating a ventilation environment for this area. The less space, the more economical and quick the construction and maintenance. A model of love housing groups spaces, dividing areas that need to be covered and not covered to limit the wall area. Prioritize main space With a tight budget, you should not spread the investment to every space in the house. For example, most Vietnamese people are interested in the living room, so we can invest money for finishing materials or furniture for chairs, tables, lamps… for this area. The remaining spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms save costs, use sparingly for design. For some individuals who prioritize sleeping space, on the contrary, they will prioritize investment in beds, cabinets, glass doors, lighting… Choose a simple solution, easy construction The simple selection of materials and construction methods will reduce the cost of materials, accompanying construction equipment, quality control, etc. Besides, it also saves construction and travel time. Calculating the optimal use of materials, limiting redundancy is also a way to save construction costs. Wall house (CTA | Creative Architects) uses burnt brick walls – defective products to reuse for facades, reducing costs for materials as well as finishing and maintenance. Take advantage of the available, natural element Using old materials such as bricks, tiles, wood, old doors or using local materials will save money on buying materials and transportation costs. Taking advantage of the surrounding landscape for works with vacant land is also very important. For example, taking advantage of the shade of trees and lakes to get shade and cool the wind.