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5 taboos and things to do on Dragon Boat Festival


According to folk beliefs, the Lunar New Year on the 5th of May (lunar calendar) is the second most important occasion of the year, after the Lunar New Year. Here are some notes for the day.
first. Things not to do

Some notes on folklore about the Lunar New Year are as follows: – Abstain from disposing of messy shoes: In Chinese, shoes are homophones with the word “ta”, which means evil spirit. On weekdays and especially on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, it is easy to leave the wrong shoes in a mess, easy to attract evil spirits. – Avoid losing money: Losing money or wallet during the Dragon Boat Festival is like you losing fortune, fortune will go down. When traveling on this day, whether far or near, you also need to pay attention to keeping money carefully. – Do not buy items with strange shapes: During the Lunar New Year, if you are traveling or going far away and intend to buy souvenirs, you should avoid buying items with strange shapes, unknown origins and meanings. to avoid bringing more evil back. – Do not choose the first or last room in the hallway when staying at a hotel or motel: According to feng shui, these two positions are easy to absorb negative energy, which is not good for health. In particular, do not stay in rooms decorated with religious objects such as paintings, Buddha statues, saints… Because the main effect of these items is to suppress evil spirits, proving that the room has problems. . – Avoid stopping in murky places: If you leave on this day, you should stay away from hospitals and funerals because these places are too heavy, easy to attract diseases and evil spirits. 2. Things to do on Dragon Boat Festival – Perform insect killing rites The ancients believed that in the human body, especially the digestive system, there are often hidden insects that live, if not eradicated, the insects will multiply and multiply, causing harm to humans. These insects only appear on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, so they have to do an insecticidal ceremony on this day. According to traditional beliefs, it is possible to kill insects by eating food and fruits on May 5. Northerners often kill insects as soon as they wake up early in the morning and kill insects with food, especially with ash cakes and fruits… – Bath with leaf water from nature Normally, on the 5th of May, after eating rice and wine to kill insects, people will bathe with water to boil coriander leaves, perilla leaves, marjoram, lemongrass leaves, bamboo leaves… The ancients said that: bathing Leaves smell to sweat out, have a pleasant feeling, fragrant makes people excited. This way of bathing can treat colds because coriander leaves are a male medicine. – Should wash hair, steam fragrant leaves Against the sweltering heat of noon (summer day), old and young people often boil leaves such as pomelo, coriander, perilla, marjoram, lemongrass, bamboo… to bathe and prevent colds. In particular, women also wash their hair, wishing to have long, smooth, black hair. This is an ancient method of healing, helping the body to detox, relax the spirit, and euphoria.