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8X shows off nearly 20 delicious trays of rice that make everyone want to eat


Tran Thu’s family trays are not too picky, but they are all very delicious, neat and beautiful, everyone wants to eat.
Busy with school work, but Ms. Tran Thu (40 years old, Nam Dinh) still works hard in the kitchen to cook every day. However, she also shared that she often does not go to the kitchen alone. When busy, her husband, mother and daughter will help with the kitchen. Currently, she has 2 daughters, a 15-year-old girl and a 5-year-old girl. Everyone loves the food she cooks.

For Ms. Tran Thu, cooking is not only a family responsibility but also a personal hobby. “I usually cook according to my interest, sometimes I’m busy with my eyes and nose, but I still try to cook. I work while standing in the kitchen.” sister shared. Ms. Tran Thu loves to cook In particular, the person who brought her interest in cooking was her father’s uncle-in-law and father’s former accountant. Both of them cook very well, maybe that’s why she was so influential. She loves the food the two of you have cooked. Thanks to that, she can now make many delicious and attractive dishes. In her meals, she usually does not have a fixed number of dishes, but most often vegetables, meat, shrimp or fish, beans… She also rarely calculates specific time in the kitchen. If she has free time, she will cook elaborate dishes, but when she is busy, the teacher will only be in the kitchen for 15 minutes. To be quick, Ms. Thu often prepares ingredients and food and then stores them in the refrigerator, only taking them out to cook when needed. With that, cooking with her becomes a lot simpler. As a teacher, Ms. Thu’s income is very stable, so 8X doesn’t pay much attention to the cost of each meal. With sister, “If the money is not much, it is better not to buy clothes and shoes than to worry about buying food.” When cooking, the teacher is always paying attention to food safety, ensuring the health of the whole family. For example, whether the food group is going to be incompatible with each other, how long is the cooking time, how fresh the ingredients are, etc. Once you have ensured this note, the cooked dish will surely be delicious. and attractive. The family has many members, each with a different taste, so she will comply with the family’s request. Not only that, she also cares about the health of each person, who is tired and healthy will have a completely suitable diet. In the summer, it is hot and uncomfortable, affecting the atmosphere of meals and people’s taste. Therefore, teacher 8X focuses on cooking cool soups from shrimp, crab, fish, shrimp or depending on the requirements of family members. As long as everyone feels good, that’s fine. To make meals less boring, Ms. Thu often changes the menu. For example, today, if you eat fried vegetables, the next meal will eat vegetable, root and fruit soup. Today eat pork, the next day eat chicken… In addition to meals, her family also eats other dishes such as vermicelli, porridge, pho… or take each other out for snacks. Thanks to the flexibility in processing dishes, or “changing the wind” for the whole family, every meal she cooks is liked by everyone. My husband always eats all the rice his wife cooks and then says “It’s okay too!”. And my father always tells the grandchildren “why can’t anyone cook like Aunt Thu”… Although these are only gentle and simple compliments, they make Ms. Thu extremely happy. That is the motivation for her to love her kitchen more and work hard every day. According to the Vietnamese Women