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A dish from tuna tendons, very strange!


Some people say this dish is ‘delicious’. For a long time, I only heard people in the South say ‘delicious and deafening’, ‘delicious and delicious’… But I heard it for the first time. Delicious enough to break the basket, you must know.
“Delicious basket breaking” was “Cheap tasty tonic” . Usually delicious, nutritious is not cheap and vice versa. Most of them are, but there are a few exceptions, including tuna tendons.

This dish is strange. Now I only know venison tendon, beef tendon… but have not heard of tuna tendon. In fact, vertebrates are tendons, made of collagen, that function like ligaments. Small fish also have tendons, connecting the head and body like a tiny thread. Housewives called blood tendons. After washing the fish, use a knife to cut across the body, 1cm from the head and body; both sides have veins like white thread. To make fish no longer fishy and more delicious when processing, when making fish, these two blood tendons must be pulled out. Fried tuna tendon with fish sauce. Before 1975, tuna was not popular because it was believed that leprosy was itchy. Only adults eat. Children are forbidden. I secretly tried to eat, only felt itchy because it was delicious. Later, as a tourist, I saw people from other countries eating halibut, the price was not cheap. Good new research, the tuna that was criticized for being leprosy is a net tuna, about five or three kilograms back. The world’s favorite tuna is ocean tuna, fished individually, weighing fifty or seventy kilograms or more. There are children weighing nearly half a ton. Wild tuna (humpback fish) has many types, living in warm sea, far from the shore (about 200km). In Vietnam, tuna is a type of big-eyed, yellow-fin tuna. This is a valuable source of export seafood and nutritious food, easy to process into many delicious dishes. Tuna fishing season begins at the end of the lunar year, from the waters of Quang Tri, Quang Binh. After Tet, move gradually to Da Nang to Binh Dinh, then south from Thanh Minh Tet. The most popular tuna product is a fillet, half a hand, 3-4 cm thick, red au. The next thing is fish tendon, ivory white; eggs and stomach reddish brown; dark brown eyes. Delicious dishes made from tuna such as: sashimi (eaten raw), salad (Russian salad), pan-fried, fragrant stock or tomato, spicy hot pot, water bath (fish eyes, with Chinese medicine)… Especially tuna tendon is a strange, delicious, easy to make and nutritious dish. Fried tuna tendon with lemongrass and chili. Only tuna weighing over 40 kg has ribs for food processing. Each one has two strands. The length depends on the weight of the fish and is usually the size of a thumb. Ivory white veins, looking through the fat, made of collagen, so it is very good for health and reduces the aging process of the skin. The tendon has moderate toughness, it can be fried, fried, grilled with spices or cooked in hot pot, cooked with vermicelli with fillet, eggs, tuna stomach … It is recommended to buy preliminarily processed tendons, vacuum packed, half a kilo each. When processing, just rinse, pour hot water mixed with a little wine and marinate spices. Grill the chili to keep the pieces whole. The charcoal stove is the best. Eat wherever you go, bake there. Just eat and blow fresh coffee. Fry, stir-fry, cook hot pot… then cut in half, slice lengthwise into large pieces. Grilled tuna tendon. Photo: Da Thanh Seafood Fry lemongrass and chili until crispy lemongrass, garlic, and fragrant chili. Fry the tendons separately, about a few minutes to be cooked. When fried, add a little chili sauce, the cooked veins have an eye-catching golden brown color. Mix the stir-fried tendon with lemongrass, chili, and garlic. Take cucumber, tomato, cut into half pieces, turn your back, form butterfly wings, add onion or chili fiber in the middle, and you will have butterflies around the plate of fragrant tuna tendons. Dip chili sauce, soy sauce or sweet and sour fish sauce depending on your preference. Eating with bread, vermicelli, rice are delicious. This dish is served hot, the appetizer is a bit expensive. Tuna tendon is vacuum packed, so it is easy to transport and preserve. Cook sweet and sour hot pot, cook noodles separately or with fillet, stomach, tuna roe according to the general recipe, just different ingredients. Cook separately, especially grilled, fried, and stir-fried dishes. Everyone who tried it for the first time nodded, because the taste was sweet, light, fatty, fragrant, lumpy, chewy, soft… it’s hard to describe. The eater tried to guess, but couldn’t figure it out. Not squid ink. Nor is it like beef tendons, venison tendons, or the flesh of any other animal. Just know how strange and very delicious. A company employee bought fried lemongrass and chili, invited the whole family to try it. Everyone is also full of praise. Asking the price, you jokingly said ten times, more than 1 million a kilogram. The family thought it was true, shaking their heads: “It’s a bit expensive, if you buy a few hundred you can buy it often”. In fact, the price of tuna tendon is only about 1/2 of a fillet. The price is quite cheap, perhaps because many people do not know. Hearing about tuna tendon, everyone widened their eyes and thought it was a joke. This dish is not only “delicious basket breaking” that anyone can make. As easy as frying an egg. Eat once, sometimes addicted.