Home Architecture Admire the 125 m² house with an indoor playground

Admire the 125 m² house with an indoor playground


The Salem house project has lots of spaces for children to play indoors so that they can explore nature and release energy for themselves.

The Salem house project was built in Thu Dau Mot city, Binh Duong province. The house is for a young couple and their first daughter is only four years old. Architect Story Architecture said that the work pressure and childcare pressure of the young couple in modern society is very great, so they need to design a well-ventilated house with lots of trees. This home will bring a feeling of relaxation, relieve pressure after a working day. In addition, there are also many playgrounds for girls to play, explore nature by themselves, and release energy. At the same time, parents will have more private time. Salem house has an area of ​​125 m², located in Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province. To create a feeling of lightness for the house, the architect uses white as the main color tone and blends gray and wood colors to make the house more elegant. The simple and neatly designed interior items also help the space to be wider and more airy. One of the baby’s play spaces The house offers a relaxing feeling and relieves the pressure after a working day. KTS Story Architecture does not use a partition between the kitchen and the backyard to create an interesting spatial connection. Therefore, when cooking or eating, homeowners feel as comfortable as in a garden restaurant. The corridor connects the two rooms to break the feeling of being bored by the handrail’s railing. The architect creates a green patch to cover the railing and make use of it as a playground for the baby. The backyard garden is also a place to play and relax for parents. The backyard and the kitchen were not separated by any partitions. The main color tone of the house is white and gray Large skylights placed in the middle and back of the house help get natural light and wind for the bedrooms. Bedroom walls with large glass panels overlooking the skylight and green areas help homeowners relax more when in the room. The architect designed two skylights in the middle and the back of the house. This skylight provides natural light and wind for the bedrooms on the second floor. Between floors, the architect arranged more playgrounds for children. Sunlight reflected from the skylight through the hallway leads to another space that makes the path more interesting. From the bedroom, the owner through the large glass overlooking the sky to relax while in the room. Simple bedroom, fully functional.